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My childhood was, due to my prolonged exposure to comic books, riddled with melodramatic language and punctuation. Stan Lee was almost definitely the king of this, it was a big part of his promotional style that every issue be a big  deal with an title and tagline that pulled you in.  And why wouldn’t they?  These were novel-length adventures that almost always introduced at least one new character still in use today.  You don’t premiere the world’s greatest comic magazine with a full stop.


The onlookers are far more concerned by the cloud-words than they are the massive monsters and their menacing master, the maleficent Mole Man!

After a few years Marvel had gotten to the point where they would feature recurring villains rather than debuting a new one every month, but while the exclamation points weren’t necessarily there to announce news to you, they still felt appropriate given the gravity and repercussions of the storylines.

ff17 defeated

After all, it wasn’t every day the Fantastic Four got their asses handed to them.

I don’t mind the Stan Lee style exclamation points, I find them charming and it was this bombastic style that made comics what they are.  But as comics started being taken more seriously, most writers dropped this over the top style of titling their comics.  But Chris Claremont isn’t most writers, is he?

Here are some of my favorite over-the-top titles from his Uncanny X-Men run.  It should be said that the reason I even took notice of these is because of how deeply I care for these comics. I kid because I love.

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