Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #5


If you’re into redheads, you need to pick up this issue for the cover alone!

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So… it seems like this issue wraps up the first storyline of this book. And while it was mostly setup for future storylines, and totally the kind of story that could have very comfortably been done in one issue, I still enjoyed it and I’m interested to see where it will go from here. However, this is the issue that might upset some people… one of the X-Men undergoes a change that we’re told will be permanent… Thankfully, it’s the one that’s been through this kind of thing about fifteen times before.

So this issue opens up with young Jean and both version of Hank all having a little pow-wow inside the Blue Beast’s psyche to try and get him out of his weird coma-thing. Immonen really nails the Bronze Age style post-transformation Beast. I’d really like to see him draw a mini-series about that time period’s Avengers… then again, I’d like to see him draw just about anything. These folks excuses themselves in a bit for a top secret operation in hopes of saving Big Hank’s life.

Then we cut away once more to Benjamin, the recently discovered mutant who’s coming out gave impetus to the throwdown between both Cylcopses. Cyclops the Elder shows back up to formally recruit him to the Uncanny X-Men, and we get a shot of the Academy née Weapon X facility, still under construction.

school tall

It really looks more like a TERRORDOME than a school, but whatever…

Then the story turns back to the Jean Grey School, where Jean Grey herself and Blue Beast hang out in a psychic construction of the school while Young Hank works to stabilize his future self. Jean starts to get curious about her upcoming death(s), and scans Old Hank’s mind for relevant info… And knocks her own psyche-socks off.


She remembers the details of the Onslaught storyline, huh? Well, that makes one of us.

We’re then treated to a little pissing match between Young Cyclops and Wolverine, where Wolvie toys with the idea of killing Scott as a teenager and undoing the future death of Professor X. Before he can properly get a headache from thinking about this X-Paradox, the two Hanks walk out into the courtyard and unveil the newest form of the Beast.

new beast

Before you judge Young Hank for copping a feel of his older blue gorilla self, keep in mind that he’s an awkward teenager.

Now, I know that a lot of people are probably up in arms about yet another Beast transformation, but I’m totally digging it. I loves the Amazing Adventures style Beast, I totally loved the Jean Cocteau-styled version brought to us by Morrison and Quitely, and I like the new version just fine. We’ll see how I feel about it when someone other than Stuart Immonen is drawing it, but I’m along for the ride for the foreseeable future. I’m pleasantly surprised with this book on the whole, but I’m glad to be enjoying an X-Men book for a change.

At ease, Geeks.

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