Evil Geek Book Report – Scarlet Spider: The Second Master

As I wait a few weeks for the Scarlet Spider/Venom, Minimum Carnage crossover Trade Paperback to be released (and review it!) I thought I’d take a look at the storyline The Second Master which ran during issues #7-9 of Scarlet Spider. When we last left off, Kaine had taken the mantle of reluctant hero. He’s doing an admirable job, but still finding his footing.


Issue #7 opens with an explosion and a girl falling to her death. Scarlet Spider saves her and she has no problem immediately showing her gratitude and bedding Kaine. Unable to have anyone in his life that is normal, the girl reveals that she was the cause of the explosion at the Roxxon building. Disturbed and with someone beating down the door Kaine escapes into the city only to return to her apartment hours later and find it completely empty.

Scarlet Spider breaks into the Roxxon building and finds out that there had also recently been an explosion at a Roxxon oil rig off the coast of Galveston, Texas. Before he can uncover any more information he is apprehended by Roxxon CEO, David Walsh and his security team. Turns out the woman he saved earlier was Walsh’s daughter. To make matters worse, there’s a team of heroes called the Rangers at Walsh’s disposal waiting to snuff out Scarlet Spider.

The mystery deepens as Kaine doesn’t know who to trust or any Texas geography for that matter. As I’m sure you can guess, after brawling with the Rangers they later form an uneasy alliance to go to Galveston and get to the bottom of this mess. Things end up a little out of control for our heroes, but I won’t ruin the mystery for you.


What can I say, is it the best comic I’ve ever read? Certainly not, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. It’s simple, engaging and fresh without an ounce of convolution…just like our dear friend Spider-Man. I had no idea the Rangers were an actual team that had been around for a few decades. I thought they were created as a parody of South West Super Heroes specifically for the Scarlet Spider series. Well, at least Kaine spends most of the issue making fun of them.

I should also note that the creative team switched starting with issue #7. Chris Yost had stayed on as writer but Robert Stegman has left to prepare for work on the Superior Spider-Man. Taking his place is Khoi Phom who is more than capable and does solid work, but I miss Stegman’s pencils. He was born for this book. Luckily, his art will still grace the covers.


That’s all for this time, but check in soon as we tackle Minimum Carnage.

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