This is So Freaking Cool!!!

Mornin’ Geeks!

Hope your New Years Eve was a blast and the hangover wore off quickly! I was trolling the internet and found this little piece of awesomeness that is just amazing! Apparently there is an animator for Pixar known as Everett Downing who has vowed to make an original super person (hero, villian, or otherwise) every day for a year!!!

Sound impossible? Well Everett has already drawn 290 of them and has them posted to his site here. When I found out about this I simply had to share it. I’ve gone through and picked out my favorites and posted them below, but go ahead and check out the rest of ’em on Everett’s site, a bunch of them have a real Tick-vibe about them (ya know, silly but funny.) Hell, maybe this could be the groundwork for characters in a new Incredibles movie… one never knows. Anyway, enjoy!

Think Tank

Think Tank

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

The Fallguy

The Fallguy

Gentleman Pugilist

Gentleman Pugilist

Make sure you visit Everett’s site; 365 Supers to see more Supers and get more info on their origins and backstories. Also, make sure to check back often as Everett draws the other 70 or so!

Later Nerds!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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