13 Ideas for 2013


With 2013 already upon us, here’s my list of 13 different items that could shake up the nerd world this year! So let the speculation begin and feel free to send in your comments and rant and rave with me…

1) Will Scott Snyder have The Joker kill Alfred in Death of the Family?

The Joker

2) Will the original X-Men replace their current day counterparts?


3) Will Hal Jordan get a legitimate Green Lantern ring and guard Sector 2814 again?

Hal Jordan

4) Over the past few years we’ve seen The Red Skull, Norman Osborn, and Loki all mastermind huge events in the Marvel U. Will 2013 be the year of Doom?

Doctor Doom

5) Who is the puppet master behind the Atlantean War?

Throne of Atlantis

6) Will Superman stay with Wonder Woman or choose Lois?

Clark and Diana

7) With the success of Dark Knight Returns, will WB finally make The Killing Joke into an animated feature?

The Killing Joke

8) Will Young Justice return to it’s original timeline? Or will it stay five years in its future?

Young Justice

9) Can Iron Man 3 still surprise us after 2 movies and The Avengers?

Iron Patriot?

10) Will Woodbury strike back? Will they take the baby?

The Governor

11) Will Pacific Rim make the world believe in Robotech? Or will it be a Pacific Rimjob?

Pacific Rim

12) Will the new Avengers Assembled cartoon hold a candle to Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes?

Avengers Assemble

13) How will Fringe end? Will Walternate take over and turn on the team?

Fringe Season 5

These are 13 maybes that are out there right now and it’ll be tons of fun seeing what happens in 2013!
Let me know what you think…

Later Nerds!

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