Nintendo: By the Numbers!

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So I was just perusing the Inter-webs (aka killing time!) and found this really interesting study on Nintendo. It’s about a year old, but I believe that it still holds up pretty well. It seems that anytime a large company launches a new product there seems to be speculation whether it will be a hit or a flop and the same can be said for the Wii U.

With the console in homes across the world and many people still chomping at the bit to get one, you have to wonder what it will do for Nintendo in the long run? Many hardcore gamers out there didn’t like the concept of the Wii at first based on the controller system, but Nintendo went with it anyway and it was a huge success; it even got Xbox and Playstation to release different kind of controller systems with the Kinect and Playstation Move.

Either way, check out the study below by MBA Online on Nintendo’s history and then track down one of your friends who got the Wii U and spend the day in Mushroom World…Enjoy!


See ya’ next time NERDS!

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