Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: March of the Bull


Hey there Evil Geeks, prepare yourself for a all-new Evil Geek Book Report! Today we’re taking a break from our normal big company coverage to bring you something that was submitted to us for our Evil consideration by artist and musician Ryan Westbrook of Dallas, Texas-based metal band March of The Bull (or here on Twitter) Ryan has had the innovative idea of combing his music with another art medium certainly near and dear to our hearts: comic books! The book is titled March of the Bull: State of Emergency.


Westbrook has drawn a companion comic book which follows along to his band’s album. This concept has intrigued me for years, as I remember WAAAYYYYY back in the 90’s Marvel had tried something similar with a comic created by and accompanied by the music of KRS One. Each copy of the book came with a cassette tape, with the idea being that you’d put the tape in as you read the book and it would musically guide you through it. I never got the chance to check the book out back then, but for years I thought about that concept and hoped that someone would once again give it a shot. Westbrook contacted me about the book and I was excited to see that music and comics were being fused together again. I know personally as a comic geek, that whenever I go on a reading binge, I like to have a little music playing in the background, so it’s seems to me that music and comics are a natural combination. Ryan sent me a link to a YouTube page featuring the video for the 1st issue which I recommend you check out. One of my initial worries about the experiment was the timing that’s involved. If the music moves at a different pace than the story, it’s going to have a disorienting effect on the reader. I’m happy to report though that the timing wasn’t an issue with the video. The music moved at a pace pretty much on key with the pace at which I was reading the dialogue. The books length also matched perfectly with the length of the music track.

So what about the story; how was that? It’s brief, but I definitely enjoyed it and it I like the concept as well. It’s starts out with a serial killer dumping the body of a young woman into a lake that’s been contaminated with some toxic chemicals. After her body is recovered later and brought to the morgue, just as the examiners are about to begin their autopsy, the zombified girl springs to life. The attack sets off an outbreak of zombies that the government is unable to contain. I’m a sucker for zombies, so this story was right up my alley. I also really enjoyed the style of the art as well as the story. It’s presented in black and white, which lends itself well to the horror aspects of the story.

Thanks to Ryan Westbrook for sharing his project with the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks! Please be sure to check out his Facebook and Twitter pages via the links above, and if anyone else out there in Evil Geek Nation has a book they’d like us to review; then drop us a line in the comments section! That’s all we got for today, as always though, come back again soon for another brand new Evil Geek Book Report!

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