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Christmas has come and gone Evil Geeks, so it’s time to get back to business!  What is our business you ask?  COOOOOOMMMMMMMIIIIIIICCCCCCSSSSS!!!!!!!  We’re back with an all new Evil Geek Book Report and today we’re talking Deadpool in our ongoing MarvelNow coverage.  Right now you’re probably thinking “ANOTHER F$#%ING MARVEL BOOK!?!?!”, but have no fear Evil Geeks, we’re going to be DC’ing it up pretty soon (but this Evil Geek will still be sneaking you weekly doses of the books put out by the House of Ideas as well).  We’re digging into to Deadpool #3 today, courtesy of writers Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and artist Tony Moore.  When we last left Canada’s least favorite son, he was rolling in dead Presidents and was seeking the help of a strongly reluctant to help Doctor Steven Strange.

Deadpool's all over these ex Presidents!

Deadpool’s all over these ex Presidents!

Deadpool, SHIELD Agent Preston, and Ghost Ben Franklin have gone to the Doctor’s town house to seek assistance in locating the source of the zombie Presidents.  Dr. Strange really wants nothing to do with the whole insane situation, but offers to give them some information before Wong tosses them all out like Jazz from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  He does a quick mystic search to find the source and discovers that the crazy, kilt-wearing SHIELD agent that raised the Presidents is messing with some seriously dark magic, that is way beyond what the amateurish wizard is capable of handling. Upon seeing this, Strange finally decides to help out the trio in taking down the zombie Presidents.

DN_DP3_1  Meanwhile Zombie George Washington is getting his wooden choppers worked on while having a power meeting with Zombie Lincoln and Zombie Gerald Ford.  The three are discussing their plans going forward and it seems Lincoln is in support of Zombie Reagan’s plan, which somehow involves stealing a spaceship, but Ford is opposed.  While the three are arguing, the Necromancer spits out the gag in his mouth and begins to recite a spell, but is stopped by Washington.  Strange, having located the Necromancer through his attempt at the spell, teleports himself, Deadpool, Agent Preston, and Ghost Ben Franklin to the location of the Necromancer.  As Deadpool and Preston are fending off to the Presidents, Strange nabs the Necromancer , dragging him to the Astral Plane to mystically beat the black magic out of him.  While on the Plane, the Necromancer tells Strange his back story and that he actually does work for SHIELD and isn’t just some lunatic wearing a SHIELD jacket.  Meanwhile the fight back on the Physical Plane has spilled out into the streets of Washington D.C..


Los Presidentes have Wade pinned down in a minivan and Agent Preston is on the run, when Nixon shows up in the Presidential Helicopter so that the Presidents can regroup and execute whichever plan they finally agree on.  Upon landing, Zombie Nixon realizes that he’s standing in front of the Watergate, which let’s say causes him a slight amount of distress.  He flies off into a blind rage, destroying everything in sight related to the infamous hotel.  The other Presidents decide to leave him there and run for the helicopter, at which point Zombie Ford pulls his greatest prat fall ever.  Deadpool finally manages to get himself unstuck and with a helping hand from a good physician (a mystical one at that), has the sword removed from his chest.  Strange then enchants the sword so that it is capable of destroying the Presidents.  Deadpool quickly dubs it Vito the Magic Sword and successfully tests it out on the rampaging Nixon.  With the Necromancer now safely in SHIELD custody, Strange decides it’s time for him to go, but not before revealing something incredibly important to Deadpool, which the reader doesn’t get to partake in.  Agent Preston asks Deadpool what Strange told him, but he doesn’t reveal it, he only insists that they continue on after Washington and the rest of the Zombie Presidents.

I’ve heaped praise upon this book in my earlier reviews (Here and here) so I’ll spare you all another love fest for the writing of Posehn and Duggan, but I will say I’m sticking with the book.  In fact, it’s the book I most look forward to reading every time a new issue is out, even more so than The Walking Dead.  Tony Moore’s artwork is absolutely perfect for the title.  He manages to keep the scenes action filled, but also highlights the comedic aspects of the book as well.  There can be gore at times, but it’s done in a way that’s still funny, so it keeps this a really fun read every issue.  Damn you MarvelNow for being so entertaining!  My inner nerd Hulk so desperately wants to unleash a reactionary rage anytime there’s a reboot, but they’ve got their hooks in me and the nerd Hulk sleeps for now.

As far as this Evil Geek Book Report; to quote a wise and sagely pig: “That’s all Folks!!!”  Stay tuned for another installment real soon though!

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