Dreams Really Do Come True

I now believe in Christmas miracles.

Days before the big event my phone and email were a constant buzz. Once I had some time to check it out, one particular image kept showing up again and again. Boy, was I happy it did.


That’s right ladies and gentleman you are looking at officially licensed Back To The Future Legos spanning the entire trilogy. 3 Doc Browns, 3 Marty McFlys and 3 Deloreans. When I saw this, I couldn’t believe my eyes.



back-to-the-future-lego-0The story goes that a fan created prototype was submitted to the Lego Cuusoo website in 2011 and was easily able to garner the 10,000 required votes that it needed to move forward. The Lego company green lighted it and it has since gone into production with a 2013 release date. To boot, 1% of all the royalties are going to Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s charity!

Legos meets Back To The Future? Biff is going to be a happy man in 2013.

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