The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 12: General Geekery!


On the last day of Geeks-Mas, The Brotherhood gave to me an extra list of stuff called General Geekery!

To celebrate the end of our holiday buyers guide we are bringing you an extra helping of awesome recommendations so you can get that special some-geek in your life a great gift. Or hell, buy yourself something… tis the season of giving after all!

Martian Luthor Kang the 117th

There’s something we’ve neglected to mention in these articles.. something that I geek out  on every year at this season.  Christmas specials!

I suppose that I’m a Christmas Geek, if there is such a thing, and when I’ve got a night without plans or a Sunday afternoon with some time that needs killing, I’ll treat myself to a Christmas special to bring a little bit of the season into my living room.


For the second year in a row, I’ve popped on  Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (which, along with he rest of the series, is now available on Netflix streaming).  The series, if you’re not familiar, is more or less an over-the-top sitcom, each series of which is set in during a different period of England’s history. The juxtaposition of Elizabethan period dress and Three’s Company style plots should be enough to pique your interest.

The Christmas special has a lot of fun with Dickens’ masterpiece by reversing the character development of the main character. Ebenezer Blackadder is, through visitations from a series of ghosts, eventually brought around to the idea that the nice guy finishes last.  So after learning his lesson, he doesn’t rejoice in the streets and bring smiles to the faces of poor crippled children, he instead goes out and takes what’s his. It’s a goofy good time and I highly recommend it.


Another seasonal favorite of mine is DC Comics’ Hitman #22,  where protagonist Tommy Monahan and friends encounter a radioactive Santa who’s being a bit of a Scrooge.  You see, an employee of the local nuclear plant had been dunked in the 0h-so-common uncovered vat of nuclear waste and emerged highly irradiated and equally angry.  In their typical style, Tommy and Natt the Hat make short work of him… but the end of this issue genuinely touched me. Garth Ennis seems to take the same thing away from Christmas that I do.  I can reasonably infer from his various works that he shares my total lack of interest in religion, but the idea of Christmas has transcended in our culture to a point behind it’s classical roots and the poem that frames this story gets that notion across perfectly.


So I always forget things at this time of year and rather than re-listing a bunch o’ crap of things that I meant to tell you about, I’m only gonna tell you about that one more thing which is The Avengers Helicarrier Playset! This is basically the equivalent to the G.I.Joe Air Craft Carrier that so many nerds never had, so if you see it make sure to grab it up before they are long gone! This thing is over 3 feet long, in fact it’s so big that it ca fit 16 action figures and probably a Hulk or a Quinjet! Also, it usually costs $80 but Amazon has it on sale for $34 and can ship it in time for christmas. So if you’ve got a little geek who is 5 or 45, this could be an awesome gift under the tree this week!

Helicarrier Play Set!C-MART

Know a Whovian with a hankering for some mid-day eating? Then turn them into the the coolest nerd in the lunchroom with the kick-ass TARDIS lunch box:

e81e_doctor_who_lunch_boxHopefully it’s bigger on the inside; just think of all the sandwiches you could fit inside of it?

One thing I forgot to metion back when we did the post on games was Assasin’s Creed 3


I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, so I’d definitely like to see it under the tree.  The Assassin’s Creed games have been getting progressively better, so I’m hoping that this one continues on that trend.

Thanks for joining us for The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas!

Happy Festivus Nerds!

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a legit GI Joe, Cobra patch online?

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