Evil Geek Book Report – Indestructible Hulk #1

Seasons Greetings Evil Geeks, this Christmas season, our tree isn’t the only green behemoth occupying our house; the Jade Giant is back with an all new title! In our continuing and ever-expanding MarvelNow coverage, we’re breaking down issue #1 of Indestructible Hulk by Mark Waid and Leinil Yu.  So far the Evil Geeks have been heaping mostly nothing but praise on the new look Marvel U, read on to see if the record holds up!

Hulk may be the strongest one there is, but one enemy he can't smash: continuity reboots

Hulk may be the strongest one there is, but one enemy he can’t smash: continuity reboots

Indestructible Hulk starts off with Maria Hill taking a little alone time away from the SHIELD Helicarrier in a quaint little diner in the backwater burg of Manchester, Alabama.  Maria’s been stressing over the Hulk lately because he went on a rampage about 4 weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since.  She’s a little antsy since she’s the head of an INTELLIGENCE agency that somehow simply “lost” a 10 foot tall, giant, green, rage monster.  She’s talking to a somehow-now-in-the-Marvel-U Agent Phil Coulson while going over some photos of Banner and asking herself where Banner could possibly be.  Either Maria’s kind of a shitty detective or SHIELD may be a little off their game, because take a wild guess who walks right up to her table and plops his ass down across from her?  No, as much as we’re all hoping it’s David Hasselhoff dressed in his Nick Fury TV movie duds, it’s actually Bruce Banner himself.  Bruce has finally come to a realization about himself: he’s never going to be cured of the Hulk, so he’ll have to try to start managing it like it’s any other chronic disease. He’s taking steps to monitor himself for triggers and warning signs in hopes of being able to limit future outbreaks.  Aside from turning him into a rampaging beast, the gamma radiation seems to have also given Bruce the superpower of acting like a smarmy, jealous douche bag.  Despite destroying millions of billions of trillions of dollars in damage over the years and killing or injuring thousands of people during his Hulk rages, the thing he feels most bad about it not being remembered and appreciated as the scientific genius he perceives himself to be.  He’s tired of seeing Tony Stark and Reed Richards get all the credit for being scientific pioneers, while the only thing people will ever remember about him is the Hulk.  He shows Maria a water purification device he’s devised that can cure all major waterborne illnesses then tells her that’s he’s capable of producing an invention as valuable as this per week with the proper funding.  He demands that SHIELD provide him with a state of the art lab and funding in exchange for SHIELD being able to use him like a weapon whenever he has a Hulk episode.  Bruce shows Maria some blackmail material he’s got on SHIELD then tells her that if SHIELD doesn’t want him, then he’s perfectly willing to go work elsewhere…say, like in Latveria.  In order to prove his worth, Bruce offers to lend a hand in capturing the Mad Thinker, whom SHIELD agents are about to execute a raid upon.  Bruce tells Maria that her men are walking into a trap, but if she give him a chance, he can take care of the problem for her.


Maria decides to take Bruce up on his offer to audition his services and needless to say, after a short battle, the Thinker isn’t going to be a problem for a while.  Having successfully proven his value to SHIELD, Maria decides to take Bruce up on the offer.

I have to say that the MarvelNow fairly unblemished record is still standing, as I really dug this book.  The story itself is incredibly intriguing to me.  I like the idea of Bruce Banner wanting to do something better for the world in order to make up for his actions as the Hulk, but still being petty enough to be motivated to do it just to upstage the other big brains in the Marvel U.  I also like the angle of having him working for SHIELD; I see a lot of potential for some great stories there. Also, Leinil Yu’s artwork is as amazing as ever.  His run on New Avengers is something I can’t recommend enough to folks looking for some phenomenal comic art.  He brings that same beautiful style to this book as well and I can’t wait to see how he’s going to draw the Hulk in future books.

I’m absolutely going to be sticking with this book, so check back again for more Evil Geek Book Reports; We’re trying to get ’em out as fast as we read ’em!


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