Evil Geek Book Report – Uncanny Avengers #2

All glory to the Hypno-Skull!!!

All glory to the Hypno-Skull!!!

The Evil Geeks have been TEARING through the MarvelNow relaunch and today’s Evil Geek Book Report continues on with our coverage.  Today we’re chatting about Uncanny Avengers #2 by Rick Remender and John Cassady.  If you need to catch up on the story, then check out my breakdown of issue #1 here. You’ll want to be up to speed, because the end of issue #1 had some pretty big reveals: Not only is the Red Skull back, but he’s also stolen the brain of Charles Xavier for some yet unforeseen nefarious purpose.

Back in issue #1, a lobotomized Avalanche went on a wee bit of a rampage and ended up doing quite a bit of damage to Manhattan in the process.  The issue starts with a still emo Wolverine searching the battle ground for possible survivors.  He finally rendezvous with Captain America and Thor as they and some of the other Avengers are busy helping with the clean-up / recovery operations.  The three start talking about what the plans will be going forward.  Thor says that they’ve ignored the mutant struggle for too long, but now as a result of the attack, the issue would have his full attention.  Cap tells Wolverine that Havok is going to be the leader of the new Avengers team, then Steve and Logan get into a disagreement  over the choice.  Wolverine feels that the decision to put the brother of the world’s most infamous mutant terrorist in charge is a bad one that will result in more mutants getting killed. As this is happening, the Red Skull manages to get on the airwaves, masking his appearance somehow using mind control.  While on the air, he subliminally instructs people to begin attacking mutants, which they do and you see a few scenes of innocent mutants being killed.

Meanwhile, Rogue, who was kidnapped along with the Scarlett Witch last issue, awakens to find herself restrained in some large complex.  Soon enough, the strange mutants she and Wanda fought with arrive.  It turns out the watery looking girl who fought alongside the mystery mutants is actually the daughter of Avalanche.  Rogue devises an ingenious plan for making contact with soggy girl in order to steal her power and escape.  Once free, Rogue decides to make a beeline for Wanda, because it’s become obvious that Wanda was the one that the mutants intended to kidnap.  However, Rogue isn’t necessarily seeking her out in order to rescue her.  She feels Wanda is too much of a liability to be kept around.

Wanda has been receiving slightly better treatment than Rogue has.  When she awakens, she finds herself in the company of the Red Skull.  Skully let’s her know a few choice bits of information, such as:

  • She and Rogue have been taken to Red Skull’s School for Gifted Humans
  • Wanda is pretty… for a “Jew, Gypsy, Mutant”
  • He’s not the real Red Skull, he’s actually a clone created by Arnim Zola back in WWII, programmed to be activated 70 years after his creation
  • He wants Wanda to wipe out all the mutants again
  • Oh and about the whole thing with Charles’ brain: Yeah, he’s fused it to his own, giving him all of Professor X’s powers

After dropping all those nuggets of info, Red Skull uses his powers to mind control Wanda into agreeing to use her powers to once again wipe out all mutants.  She tells him she’ll need a whole bunch of casting time and buttload of energy in order to perform the spell.  The Skull is suddenly “called away on some urgent business” aka Rogue has escaped, so he excuses himself.  When Wanda is finally alone, Rogue, who’d been still in a watery form, hiding in the stream that runs through the Skull’s school, makes her presence known and let’s Wanda know that she heard her agree to wipe out the mutants.  The two begin fighting and eventually bust through a wall to the room where Chuck’s now partially headless corpse is being kept.

Chuck always said he'd lose his head if it wasn't attached.  Well, he got his wish...

Chuck always said he’d lose his head if it wasn’t attached. Well, he got his wish…

The sight of this is enough to snap Wanda out of her mind control stupor, but before she and Rogue can regroup, the Red Skull shows up with his band of knock-off X-Men at which point the readers get the “To Be Continued…” banner dropped on them.

Overall, this book has just been OK in my opinion.  It’s a decent and interesting story, but I can’t seem to get past the perception that they’re now going to do with Avenger books what they did with X books back in the 90’s; there’s going to be like 50 different books all with slightly varying teams.  It feels like we’re being over-saturated with Avengers stuff and eventually that’s going to start wearing the quality of all the books thin.  The idea of Havok leading an exemplary team of mutants and humans working together seems interesting in the short run, but how long can Marvel keep telling stories just for the sake of mashing up X-men and Avengers?  Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a bad story, but I’m just not blown away by it like I have been by some of the other MarvelNow stuff (Deadpool specifically!).  Most importantly, can Wolverine do ANYTHING in this book beside act all whiny and emo about Charles Xavier being dead?!?!  It’s like every time he shows up, he feels obliged to start preaching about Chuck’s dream.  OK, we get it man, he was important to you and now he’s dead.  It sucks, but let’s move on.  You’ve got a school to run for crying out loud!

Check back again soon for an all new Evil Geek Book Report!

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