Meet the Vault Hunters!!: Or How I lost 150 Hours Of My Life Part 2

Welcome back faithful readers! As promised, here is part 2 of my time with Borderlands 2. Enjoy!

So last time we met, I introduced my dear readers to the new Vault Hunters who arrived on Pandora looking for riches and glory. Today, we will take a look at our original Vault Hunters, because how can we look to the future when we don’t appreciate the past? Our original crew closely followed the parameters of the newest crew, or should I say the new crew followed the old crew? Regardless, our original Hunters proved to be just as endearing as our new ones. Let’s take a look shall we?

Roland the Soldier:


A stout soldier and always prepared to head into the front lines regardless of the dangers ahead. He is the defacto leader and decision maker of the original 4 Hunters. Calm, cool and collected, Roland brings a no nonsense approach to keeping everyone alive and making sure Santuary is safe. Taking the role of, for lack of a better term, mother hen, he makes sure the people of Sanctuary are defended and feel safe inside the confines of the makeshift city. With turret in hand and a multitude of firearms to get the job done, Roland is the definition of a proper soldier.

Track: Roland strikes me as the sort of vagabond healer/shaman type who comes into a village to keep people safe from the dangers ahead and beyond. never caring for his own personal safety, he does what he can and what he must to keep everyone safe. Laying down his life if the need arises, he is not afraid to do what is necessary. For Roland, I chose “Come All You Weary” by Thrice. The western sound and mother hen appeal of this song really makes you feel for Roland and what he has had to do, and what he has had to put up with. Freely giving you the shirt off his back, he is willing to take your burdens upon himself if it helps in any way. I personally liked Roland as a character, but he was not the Vault Hunter i chose for my first playthrough of Borderlands. That honor belongs to another Hunter, who we will touch upon later.

Lilith the Siren:


Next up we have our very first and most powerful Siren, Lilith. With fiery red hair and a temper to match, Lilith is the mage style character for the original 4. Keeping everything under control and using phase shifts, she decimates her foes in good fashion and keeps everyone else alive to back her up. I played with Lilith for quite a while, but I never got a chance to fully max her out and see what she was really capable of. In BL2, Lilith learns quite a few new tricks and ups the amount of badassery that she exudes. Teleportation of whole cities and having a cult of fire devoted to her makes her stand out that much more. A great character to play if you like badass girls who would have no problem putting a bullet in your brain.

Track: With all the songs about fire (and ice) it was rather difficult to just choose one. I chose “Fire” by Arthur Brown. I feel like the organ and fire suit Lilith perfectly. I am assuming most people would think of the Doors or Hendrix for Lilith, but that would’ve been too easy. Imagine looking into Lilith’s fiery eyes while this song was playing. Yeah, that’s what i thought.

Mordecai and his BFF Bloodwing:


Our original sniper and alcoholic, Mordecai was the standard thin, barely eating because he’s too busy killing you, scout character. Sending out his bird Bloodwing to scout the battlefield, Mordecai waits in the shadows to pick you off and make sure you leave enough meat for Bloodwing to pick at. With a bottle in hand and his finger on the trigger, you’ll think twice about saying anything to him….especially about Mad Moxxi or Bloodwing. Just…don’t. Unless you really want to find out…which in that case by all means throw your life away.

Track: I had an especially difficult time picking out a song for Mordecai, mainly because i kept thinking of another western themed song by Thrice. I didn’t want to use the same band twice, so i went scouting. After hours of searching, I came up with nothing that I liked. So i am going to go with the original plan, and use “Digging my Own Grave” by Thrice. Like you care if I use the same band twice…or Thrice? This song just fits him perfectly. Because we all know there are some days when we could all use another drink…or three.

Brick the Berserker:


Finally, we have come to my favorite Vault Hunter. I’m going to punch you in the face until it turns to jelly, Brick the Berserker. What can I say about Brick that isn’t just super awesome? Between ripping arms off while interrogating bandits or just straight up rocking out push ups while you’re talking to him, Brick is the perfect bandit annihalating machine. With screws built into his taped fists, he punches and rocket launches his way to fame and glory. He is the in your face, all over your face, inside your face character. Never afraid to go directly into the middle of the battlefield and talk trash to everyone, he is your standard melee/close range Hunter.Often continuing to punch bandits and robots alike well after they have ceased to be. I love him….and I am not afraid to admit that I love another man.

Track: Brick was actually the reason that I chose to write this article, as the only thing i can hear while playing as Brick is “Crushed Beyond Dust” by Skeletonwitch. Brick was born to breathe and to beat, and Skeletonwitch provides the perfect soundtrack to his madness. As a close second for Brick, I almost went with “Pestilence” by The Faceless as I am sure most bandits who encounter Brick think of him as a plague of fists and rockets. Both are totally appropriate.


As a bonus to you faithful readers, although I did not cover them in the articles considering they are not actual Vault Hunters, I will provide a track for two other characters who are important to Borderlands 2.

Angel: ” My Last Attack” by Holy Grail. I wont give spoilers, but this song is appropriate for her.

Handsome Jack: ” Briefcase Full OF Guts” by Dethklok. Unbelievably apporpriate for him….that handsome bastard.

Well there you have it kids!! I normally enjoy listening to music or watching Netflix while playing games, so I figured that I would provide the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks and the readers with some of the joy that I feel while playing Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Now go! onward to the vault!

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