Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #4

I have to say, I’m almost surprised it took this long for the fourth issue of All-New X-Men to be released. Last month they waited only two weeks after the first issue before releasing the second. And then only one week after that, the third was released. So I was expecting to see the fourth issue within a matter of hours after reading the third. However, it was another whole two weeks! Perhaps I’m the fool, I wasn’t expecting the Marvel Now! relaunch to be so heavily peppered with bi-weekly books.

All-New X-Men 4

If you Eskimo kiss yourself, is it gay?

To the review!

This issue finally had the showdown between the original X-Men and the Cyclops/Magneto X-Men. And boy, was it anti-climactic! Modern Cyclops was sort of shaken up by seeing his younger self and Jean, Jean herself was overwhelmed with all of the thoughts flying at her, and Magneto flipped out and launched a bike at some kids.

And then Magneto and Cyclops bail. Back at their base, we get a little more insight into the stories of the new mutants they’ve discovered and we get a better idea of just how rocky things are between Scott and Emma. Their whole organization is scared shitless about these kids being back. They put forth some interesting theories about who may have sent them before finally landing on the correct one. Then the story cuts back over to the mansion and the heroic X-Men before the issue ends.

So, we’ve hit that point. This book is starting to try my patience. I’m not sure what the plan is, but assuming we’re working toward the conventional Bendis six issue story arc, these next two issues have better have some serious plot development. They say that the Bendis and Millar style of writing takes one issue and turns it into one story arc but this story so far has more or less been a first act. It’s taken the decompressed storytelling to new heights. For the better part of the 2000s it was just about universal at Marvel that books should be written as short arcs, and it worked out okay for them. But with this whole Point One initiative and the Marvel Now! jumping on points, shouldn’t they embrace the single issue storytelling method? They have Hawkeye now, which is doing this very well. I love the book, but it’s definitely not for everyone. It’s a very low key adventure book which downplays the superhero angle. I think Marvel would do very well to bring back the short format done-in-one superhero book, even just as an experiment. And I don’t mean Daredevil, I mean the X-Men or the Fantastic Four, or something. I loved Hickman’s Fantastic Four, and the stories were relatively self-contained on some level, but it was definitely best appreciated as a complete epic. I’m talking about something more akin to the original Fantastic Four run by Lee and Kirby… and I realize that’s an awfully tall order, so let’s aspire for the John Byrne run. Excellent stories, a fun read, introducing you to characters without dragging you through a mile of unnecessary history. Let’s try that, no?


I don’t know how much more of the standstill I can take…

But I’m done complaining, and I’ve definitely got another issue of this book in me. So I’ll be back with another review in… well, less than a month I’m sure.

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