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Gather round the big, ugly, shag carpet in the Evil Library, because it’s time for another Evil Geek Book Report!  We’re tearing through the MarvelNow reboot that’s not a reboot and so far we’ve been liking what we see.  Deadpool #1 was an entertaining read and with the amazing creative team of Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Tony Moore at the helm, I had high hopes going in to issue #2.  How can you top having everyone’s favorite dual-katana wielding, Bat-shit crazy, superhero (Fuck Leonardo!) doing battle with zombie FDR?  Well, you have him take on his cousin, zombie Theodore Roosevelt and his menagerie of animal pals!




The book starts off with Wade in the middle of a dream featuring himself on a sandy beach, Sue Richards, Emma Frost, the 70’s version of Dazzler, the She-Hulk, a whole bunch of skimpy bikinis, and vicious catfight.  This is all playing out in Wade’s head of course, in the few minutes he is recovering after being shot in the head by zombie Abe Lincoln at the end of the last issue.  In a story just as insanely crazy as the one in the first issue, once Wade is back on his feet thanks to some life-saving CPR from the ghost of Ben Franklin, he’s off to deal with yet another menacing, zombified Ex-POTUS.

Meanwhile, the crazy SHIELD agent responsible for rasing the dead presidents (the actual dead US presidents, not the bank robbers from Point Break) has found himself in some hot water.  It seems a zombified George Washington and John F. Kennedy are demanding that the SHIELD agent raise an army of undead soldiers for General Washington to lead in the battle to fix America’s biggest problem; which according to the General, is Americans.


While crazy, face-paint, SHIELD guy is busy resurrecting an army of dead soldiers, Deadpool has his hands full at the Los Angeles Zoo trying to subdue the now undead Teddy Roosevelt, who is using the zoo as his personal hunting grounds.  Deadpool manages to approach the prez in an attempt to talk to him, but soon enough the two are engaged in a brutal battle.  The elephant depicted on the front cover of the book holding a gun on Deadpool, proves to be a bit of a distraction for Wade, but ultimately ghost Ben Franklin figures out that electricity can kill the zombie presidents, thus allowing Deadpool to have the last laugh.  Still reeling from the public relations typhoon caused at the beginning of the last issue when Captain America decapitated zombie Harry Truman, SHIELD ends up looking really bad again when Wade ends up electrocuting the zoo’s beloved elephant to a crisp alongside zombie Roosevelt.  Of course, not before being graphically impaled by said elephant during the fight.  Wade of course thinks it’s no big deal, because as ghost Ben Frankling informs him: “Edison did that once, and he’s a hero.”

Does anyone else smell burned SPAM?

Does anyone else smell burned SPAM?

In the end, the SHIELD agents in-charge of this disaster decide that they’re going to need even more help with the undead presidents than even Deadpool can provide, so they head out to recruit one of the big guns.  With Wade and ghost Ben Franklin in tow, they seek out the assistance of a certain mystically inclined physician and are met with much less than friendly hospitality when they arrive at his door.

I am seriously loving this book.  Both issues have been absurdly fun to read and while things get a little gory from time to time, the writing still keeps you laughing.  I said it in my review of the first issue, but I’ll say it agin because I so strongly believe it: having Brian Posehn work on the writing of this book was a brilliant idea by The House of Ideas.  Posehn not only knows the character well, but also has the comedic chops to make sure the book not only delivers on action, but on comedy as well.  The artwork by tony Moore is superb also.  It looks fantastic and lends itself to the comedic aspects of the story as well.

I’ll definitely be on this book for a while, so stay tuned for more Evil Geek Book Reports!

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