The Simpsons: Tapped Out Review

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Do you like wasting precious moments of your life building virtual cities, ultimately resulting in your lack of getting any ass whatsoever and have a love for the SIMPSONS?  If the answer is yes, then maaaan do I have a game for you! It’s called The The Simpsons: Tapped Out.  Sorry android users.  This gift from the nerd gods is only available on IOS devices at the moment.

Gotta love that Krusty Burger is right next to Springfield Elementary! Damn you healthy School Lunch program!

Gotta love that Krusty Burger is right next to Springfield Elementary! Damn you healthy School Lunch program!

The story behind the game is that the town’s nuclear power plant finally goes Chernobyl, causing the town of Springfield to get blown to pieces, leaving behind an empty stretch of land. Your mission from this point on is to rebuild the town, in your own image.  You’ll Spend hours gaining experience, collecting loot, building all of the iconic buildings from the show and best of all, unlocking all of the great characters that have made us laugh for over the past 20 years.  Each character has a set of timed missions that highlight some of the best moments from the show.  For example, you can make Bart skip school, have Flanders hold bible study, watch Mayor Quimby give a speech, send Homer on a bender at Moe’s and even have Nelson mocking you with his laugher and finger pointing.  And that’s only to name a few of the great missions you can send your characters on.  One of the best things about this game is how often it’s updated.  They have consistently added more content since I’ve started playing.  They keep adding buildings, new characters and even celebrated holidays.

It's your own personal Springfield!

It’s your own personal Springfield!

During the month of October they updated the title menu and made it a Halloween theme.  They went onto add characters, side missions, and zombies!  Yes, I said zombies! The Springfield cemetery and Pet cemetery were added to the game, along with Zombies, both person and pet, which you got to squish underneath the great might of your finger.  It was f-n great. They also had un-lockable content that tied in with this seasons and previous seasons, Tree House of Horror episodes.  I’ve still got the creepy Mayan guy just walking around my town. They did the same thing with Thanksgiving, in fact I had giant Itchy and Scratchy Thanksgiving day floats rocking back and forth in the middle of my town. And now that we’re into December we’ll see some great Simpsons Christmas moments from years past make it to the game.

This is awesome, but I cant wait for Mr. Plow...

This is awesome, but I cant wait for Mr. Plow…

You can also add friends and visit their towns.  A cool feature once you’re visiting a town is that you can collect loot and experience, while vandalizing your friends’ buildings.  By far, the best feature of the game is how much you can do for free.  There is an option to buy more donuts, the secondary way to purchase characters and buildings in the game. Don’t worry poor nerds, like I said, you get 95 percent of the important characters and buildings for free.  You can earn donuts when you level up.  So, collecting Otto and his broken down school bus, the Duff Beer Company and Mole man are only a few levels away.

The saying that you can’t get something for nothing doesn’t apply here.  Fans of the Simpsons and city building video games will gladly fall face first into this game.  So give it a try if you’re looking for something fun and addicting to play.  For more app news and other new nerdy shit, let the Brotherhood keep you informed.

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