The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 5: Toys

Let’s face it, Evil Geeks, we are a toy loving people.  We’re the grown men and women with entire bookshelves and display cases dedicated solely to showing off your prized action figures.  We’re the adults cruising the superhero aisle at Toys R’ Us searching the back of the racks for that rare chase figure (uhhhh not THOSE adults cruising Toys R’ Us…we’re just here for the toys!)  If you aren’t that person this Christmas, chances are you know someone who fits that bill.  Today we’re taking a look at some of the toys that the Evil Geeks are drooling over this Christmas season!

Tis the season... to be a lame supervillain!

Tis the season… to be a lame supervillain!


If you’re a regular reader of the site you might already have an inkling of what I’m going to recommend here. If you don’t the answer is Legos, glorious Legos. With the new Hobbit movie just released there are plenty of new sets being added to the already expansive Lord Of The Rings series. But if I had to recommend just one set above all others it wouldn’t be LOTR at all. It would be the sweetness that is Jabba’s Palace.


My fiancee and I due to our upcoming wedding decided to not buy presents for one another this year, instead we just went in on this together, wrapped it and now it’s sitting under the tree taunting us. Not only is the structure cool but it comes with a Lego Jabba The Hutt, two Han Solos (one normal and one encased in carbonite), Leia in her bounty hunter outfit, Oola the dancer, Chewie in handcuffs, that vampire looking guy and that green piggish guard. Not to mention Jabba’s little annoying lap “dog” Salacious B. Crumb. In 2013, they will be releasing a Rancor Pit and Jabba’s Palace will even sit comfortable on top of it! Do the right thing this Christmas season and buy this for someone you love.



What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ, than by giving someone you love a gigantic, murderous, racist robot!


Behold the mighty Sentinel!  Big Evil clued me in to the existence of this a few weeks ago when he got one himself.  How cool looking is that monster!?!?  It dwarfs all other action figures.  If I ended up owning this, chances are I’d end up sitting in a dark room, completely unwashed and alone, yelling “ROCKET PUNCH” in a robotic voice, while destroying X-Men figures.

Another cool little item that I’ve seen in the pitiful toy section of my local supermarket, is the Batman line of vehicle recently put out by Hot Wheels.


These are low in price, but high in awesomeness, as they’re only about 5 bucks a pop.  No matter what batman era you love the most, there is a vehicle in the line for you!  There are Batmobiles from the 30’s, the 60’s show, the Tim Burton movies, the dark era know as Joel Schumacher’s reign of terror, and even the Tumbler.  You also get ancillary Bat-Related vehicles like the Bat-Helicopter,  The Bat from TDKR, and even Penguin’s duckie vehicle from Batman Returns!  An unbeliveable stocking stuffer to say the very least!


DC Universe Classics Figures
Want to get that geek something special but low cost? Look at the DC Universe line of Action Figures for a great gift! THE DCU figures are 6″ posable toys with a ton of articulation to them can be used to stop the Joker from robbing a bank or simply protecting the computer desk in your nerds “bat cave.” The coolest thing is that DC is an old company with a ridiculous amount of characters, so there really are a ton of variants to get if you want only Green Lantern toys for example. With the new 52 out, one might think that all the old ones are off mark, but DC does a great job of keeping tons of them around on toy shelves everywhere. Also, the DCU toys offer things directly from popular and contemporary storylines, like a Yellow-Lantern Scarecrow or a Blue-Lantern Flash (I’ve got that one!) or possibly the entire set of Legion of Super Heroes (which I’ve seen, and is badass!!!) Can’t find that “Orion” toy your looking for? Check out Amazon or eBay, but beware… chase figures can cost a pretty penny after they are off the shelves, so word to the wise; if you see one of these that seem amazingly cool and there is only one, then buy it now before it jumps to 400% of the original price online, although many of the regular ones cant be found at online retailers for a really reasonable cost. OK, True Believes get out there and buy some Action Figures!


Remember to come back tomorrow for The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 6: NerdoTech

Seasons Greetings Nerds!

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