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Now is not the time for fear, Evil Geeks. That comes later. Now is the time for talking about COMICS!!! Today on Evil Geek Book Report, in our continuing MarvelNow coverage, we’re going over Deadpool’s latest relaunch courtesy of the assembled team of incredible stand-up comedian / self-proclaimed geek: Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan (Fear Agent), artist Tony Moore (Battle Pope, The Walking Dead), and colorist Val Staples (Red She Hulk).

How do you review a comic as crazy as this? Well, for starters, in the first 4 pages of the book a crazed SHIELD agent wielding a copy of an ancient book of black magic, resurrects the zombified corpse of Harry Truman, because he feels that America isn’t on the right path. The supernaturally powered ex-pres then gets into a brawl with Captain America, resulting in a front page snapshot of Cap beheading the former American President. Then things start to get crazy. Feeling that a beloved superhero beheading an also beloved American icon might be bad P.R., the powers that be order the mid-level agent in charge of dealing with the scenario to find someone more low-key than Cap, so of course they call in Deadpool. Because no one’s more “low-key” than the Merc With a Mouth! Deadpool actually makes his first appearance in the book by cutting his way out of the stomach of a giant, rampaging lizzard, amid a shower of entrails and blood.

Pineapple surplrise!

Pineapple surplrise!

What can you say, they guy knows how to make an entrance! As more dead Presidents keep popping up, hell-bent on setting America straight, it’s up to Wade to track down the source and put a stop to the rampaging politicians. Wade ends up taking quite a beating while squaring off with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is temporarily out of action. As soon as he’s back on his feet, everyone’s favorite totally insane assassin, is on his way to Independence Hall in Philadelphia to bust up an army of zombie Presidents, led by George Washington.


I initially had my doubts about the MarvelNow reboot/non-reboot, but so far I’m really digging what I’ve read, especially Deadpool. Having an immensely talented comedian like Posehn work on the writing was a brilliant move on Marvel’s behalf. It’s often tough to find the right balance of comedy, action, and violence in a book and still have it be funny, but the writing team does a great job here. Not only is the premise hilarious, but the art really stands out too. It’s weird, in a way I’m almost upset that I don’t have anything bad to say about what I’ve read from MarvelNow so far, but I haven’t found anything to ignite my nerd-rage yet. Except for that stupid armor they put on the Hulk. What the fuck is that all about? Seriously, he’s indestructible. LITERALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! Why would he need armor? Who makes armor that big? How god-awful must the inside of that armor smell? Especially in the summertime. Wouldn’t he just tear the armor apart as moves his arms when he’s walking? Sorry to get off track… Deadpool was a massively fun read; stuff gets sliced, bullets fly, other stuff blows up, and you’ll laugh the whole way through. Without a doubt I’ll be sticking with this book as long as this creative team is around! Pick up Deadpool at your local comic shop or through the Marvel app on your smart phone or iPad. Issue 3 is already out, so more Evil Geek Book Reports to follow!

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