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Ahoy-hoy Evil Geeks!  It’s time to get your Tuesday started in traditional Evil Geek style with our new (somewhat) regular feature: The Panel of the Day!  Today’s clip comes to us from a two page Hellboy comic by Mike Mignola entitled Pancakes.  If you know your Hellboy trivia, then you know the big, red guy’s got a serious love for pancakes.  The story recounts the first time Hellboy ever tasted those syrupy delights and what that moment means in the grand scheme of what Hell has planned for Hellboy.  It turns out, Hellboy’s pop really didn’t want him to eat those pancakes.  Sigh… if only Hellboy had been raised by Aunt May.  Years of forced wheat cake feedings would have given him an aversion for life to anything even slightly resembling those inedible monstrosities.

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