Evil Geek Book Report – Uncanny Avengers #1

Disco Cap knows how to lead like a BOSS!

Disco Cap knows how to lead like a BOSS!

Did ya hear that school bell? That means it’s time for another Evil Geek Book Report! Continuing our Marvel Now! coverage, today we’ll be talking about one of the seemingly millions of new X-Men and/or Avenger related books: Uncanny Avengers. It seems someone in the Marvel offices has accidentally dropped the sweet mutant chocolate into the Avengers delicious peanut butter resulting in a litany of peanut butter cups shaped like X/Avengers mash-up books. Uncanny Avengers comes to us from writer Rick Remender (lately of Uncanny X-Force) and artist John Cassady (best know for his art on Joss Whedon’s legendary run on Astonishing X-Men).

It seems that after the chaos created when Cyclops went all Osama bin Summers during the A vs. X crossover, the world is a little suspicious of mutants. In the opening panels of the book an unseen figure is performing a lobotomy while talking about why the mutants did what they did and the reaction that the world is having to it. The focus then shifts to a very emo and morose Wolverine who is deep in thought while preparing to deliver the eulogy at the memorial for Charles Xavier. During the speech, a sullen Wolverine talks about how Professor X had dedicated his life to achieving his dream of a world where humans and mutants could peacefully coexist, but despite all the struggle and all the teaching, his students ultimately let him down and Charles died without ever seeing his dream come true. Geez…thanks for bumming everyone out, man. If Wolvie’s the best there is as what he does, then apparently delivering heartfelt eulogies is not covered by the umbrella of “what he does”.

Intercut with the scenes from the funeral are scenes of Alex Summers showing up at the prison where Scott Summers is being held. It seems Alex has come to see his brother in order to achieve two goals: 1.) To tell Scott that they buried Charles that day and 2.) Give Scott a bunch of well deserved shit for killing Chuck. As Alex is leaving the prison, he is met by Captain America and Thor. Cap wants to talk to Alex about something that Scott said to him once, that the Avengers never did enough to help out mutants and now Cap wants to do right by them. Cap tells Alex that he wants him to lead a team of Avengers as a symbol of cooperation between mutants and humans. Cap feels that Alex is the new perfect person to be the poster child for Charles’ dream now that Charles is gone, since the next logical person to take on that mantle, Wolverine, has a past littered with people sliced into uniformly cut ribbons. During the men’s conversation, the mutant named Avalanche (now sporting a nifty yet suspicious looking lobotomy scar) begins attacking the streets of New York City, causing the deaths of hundreds of people. Havok, Cap, and Thor rush in to defeat the fiend and save the day.


Meanwhile back at the Jean Grey School, The Scarlet Witch has dropped by Charles’ grave to pay her respects, when Rogue shows up. It seems Rogue blames Wanda for causing the chain of events that ended with Charles’ death. As the women are arguing they are attacked by some mysterious mutants. In the ensuing skirmish, Wanda is seriously wounded by one of the attackers, then the mutants vanish as quickly as they appeared when one of them exclaims that they got what they came for.

She who smelt it dealt it, Rogue.

She who smelt it, dealt it, Rogue.

Finally at the end of the book we find out exactly who’s been behind all the lobotomizing and boy is he up to so devious stuff! Even though I feel like Marvel is oversaturating the market with X and Avenger books, I will say I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to issue two. The story groundwork laid down in the first issue is incredibly intriguing, so I’ll be sticking with this title for now. This book definitely gets the C-Mart official “Walrus of Approval”, so if you haven’t already checked it out, then head to your local comic shop or download it from Marvel (but you should probably go to the comic shop though, they miss you, plus you have like $200 bucks worth of books in your subscription box you should probably pick up. Jerk.).

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