Roads? Where We’re Going, We Dont Need Any Roads


Evil Geeks, all I can say is “Check this shit out!”  Every now and then you just run across something so awesome that it just leaves you speechless.  Case in point, the picture above, which was sent to me by our guest book reviewer Izzy Vassilakis Eden.  I’ve never been this close to achieving my life-long dream of drunkenly vomiting in a time machine , but sadly this bad boy isn’t a reality just yet, this is a concept car put together as an advertisement for fashion company Nooka.  You get the lowdown on the story behind this beauty right here.  Can you imagine the goldmine one would make if they could make this a reality?  Hell, I remember being impressed the first time I saw a TV screen in a taxi, I think I’d faint if a time machine stopped to pick me up one day.  Bonus points if they can make this thing fly.  Think about this: no matter how bad traffic gets in Manhattan, you’d still never have to worry about being late!  Although, you’d probably get stuck with some shady cabby trying to jack up your fare by taking a really long time jump through the park or something.  I seriously don’t care how much a ride would cost in one of these, but if some young, enterprising, upstart out there wants the make this a real thing, then you just bought yourself a deal to ferry the Evil Geeks from our hotel to the NY Comic Con next year! Sure, it’s only built to carry one passenger, but we’re willing to grab onto the bumper while skateboarding or preferably hoverboarding, Marty McFly style.

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  1. “Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?” OMG That’s one of the most amazing, awesome and cool ideas I’ve seen in a very long time

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