Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #3

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

In my review of the second issue of this series, which shipped just two weeks after the first, I lamented the rushed schedule. So what does Marvel do? allnew3

They release the third issue the very next week. It’s a shame, too, because I like the book and would like to see it do well, but having three issues of a $3.99 book in a single month is asking a lot of the casual fan. So, in order to have one big inaugural month for their Marvel Now relaunch, the company has potentially shot itself in the foot for the continued success of these books.

Anyway, as far as the book itself goes, this issue shifted its focus back to Cyclops’ X-Men. They’ve taken up residence in the abandoned Weapon X facility and are continuing their mutant recruitment drive. They spring Emma Frost from custody and invite her along for the ride. Apparently, she and Scott aren’t on great terms after the whole Phoenix business, but she reluctantly joins up. Also, the Phoenix force seems to have messed up the mutant powers of everyone involved (and even of Magneto). Emma is seemingly unable to read minds, Scott can’t shoot his optic blasts in a straight line, Magneto seems to have lost his magneto fine motor skill, and Magik has gotten… well, more powerful. But since her power involves communicating with a dimension that is essentially Hell, that’s probably not great news.


It’s okay, Cyclops… it happens to a lot of guys.

They also go in search of a young man named Benjamin whose recently manifested a shape-shifting power, and while there they finally run afoul of the time-displaced original X-Men. It looks as if we’ll have ourselves a showdown next issue between a greenhorn Scott Summers with very little experience with his powers and a washed up Scott Summers whose lost the control he worked so hard to gain. A dude facing off with his younger self is always a good time.


Imagine if these dudes could shoot beams from their eyes!

Once again, Stuart Immonen’s art is perfect in my eyes. The fact that he can produce such solid pencils on such a fast schedule is just as impressive as the pencils themselves. I did find myself cringing at the dialogue on a few occasions once again. Emma Frost is a character who should speak in a well-read and erudite manner because, even if she is not those things, she is certainly pretentious. Bendis writes her as too pedestrian, where Joss Whedon wrote her as too posh. I think Grant Morrison handled her dialogue the best, but he essentially created the modern version of Emma Frost. However, I think he’s doing well with Magneto, and I find it interesting that Magneto is the voice of reason in Scott’s little brotherhood.


Magneto giving you a lecture about murdering people? That’s like Banshee giving you shit about your drinking problem!

I’m still enjoying the book and I’ll keep picking it up, but I’m very frustrated with it’s nonstop shipping schedule.

See you next week, maybe?

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