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Happy Batman Day Evil Geeks!  In case you weren’t aware, today is the day that The Dark Knight Rises is finally released on Blu-Ray and DVD!  Even though we saw it multiple times in the theater, we’re still going to be glued to the big screen here in the Evil Rec Room all day watching it again and again.  In between showings, we’re going to crawl out of the prison hole that Bane left us in, to bring you some other Batman related posts.  So to get us warmed up and ready to watch again, here’s a few pics from our favorite parts of the movie.

bane on a plane dark knight tom hardy

Get these Mothaf#%&in’ Banes off this Mothaf#%&in’ plane!

You can be sure that we’re going to be watching the opening plane heist scene a whole bunch of times today.  It’s got some of the best quotable Bane dialogue!


Master Bruce, I'm afraid Novembeard has ended.

Master Bruce, I’m afraid Novembeard has ended.

Man are we going to miss Michael Caine as Alfred.  He had us in tears near the end of The Dark Knight Rises.  Somebody get that man a Fernet Branca, NOW!


Oh man, my Batsuit is starting to feel tight.

Oh man, my Batsuit is starting to feel tight.

I don’t think we need to explain why we dug Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

I was born in darkness!

I was born in darkness!

One of the best scenes of the film is the absolutely brutal and unforgiving fight between Bane and Batman where Bane completely breaks the Bat.  I still cringe when he hits him with the back breaker.  We also get a whole bunch more quotable Bane lines in this scene too!

To quote Michael Keaton: "It's the car right? Chicks dig the car."

To quote Michael Keaton: “It’s the car right? Chicks dig the car.”

I’m definitely going to miss Christian Bale’s gruff, gravely, and downright Tom Waits-ian Batman voice.  It may come off a little goofy, but damn it that’s how Batman should sound!

He's the chic, fashion forward terrorist.

He’s the chic, fashion forward terrorist.

...and I think I'm going to get a barbed wire tattoo right here.

…and I think I’m going to get a barbed wire tattoo right here.

I don’t think anyone can ever top Heath Ledger’s Joker as far as Batman movie villains go, but MAN Tom Hardy came close as Bane.


The EPIC final battle between Batman and Bane will also get multiple viewings tomorrow.

And Finally…



I actually don’t remember this part of the movie…



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