Comic Book Panel of the Day…Batman Style!

What’s up Bat-Mites!

Todays Comic Book Panel of the Day was a real tough one for me to find. Obviously, its Batman Day, so we needed to find a real good one. Well, I looked far and wide through my extensive collection of Bat books and went through 25+ years of images in my head and came down to this one here. There has been so many great Bats through the years from the likes of Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Neal Adams, and Greg Capullo to name a few. But I decided to go with a classic take on Batman right out of the pages of Year One. Ladies and Gentle-nerds, I give you art by David Mazzucchelli!

Classic Bat!

Classic Bat!

This panel originally came from Batman 405 from 1986. This is the 2nd part of the 4-arc Year One story where we see Bruce Wayne transform into the Batman. In this panel, Batman has basically burst into a party with all of Gothams crooked elite. You have the Mayor, a crooked Police Commissioner, Mob Bosses, Dirty Cops, and basically whatever other scum you can think of. The image is simple, yet powerful. This lone figure standing in the darkness makes an entrance that lets these people know that he’s on to them. Also, although you only see the splash image, the entire dialogue that Frank Miller gives us is awesome! Its simple yet effective and states:

“Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well.
You’ve eaten Gotham’s wealth. Its Spirit. Your feast is nearly over.
From this moment on….None of you are safe.

Then it fades to black and these bastards will never sleep at night again! If you haven’t read Year One yet, I recommend getting a copy and reading it once a year because it only gets better! It’s not flashy, there are not super villians, and you see a Batman that is starting out and makes mistakes, but it is hands down one of the books that I plan to read on my deathbed, its that damn good!

Make sure to come back later for a Special Batman Announcement!

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