December Is The Month Of Tarantino

Not only will it be a very Quentin Tarantino Christmas with the writer/director’s 8th movie, Django Unchained premiering December 25th, but it seems he’s taking over the rest of the holiday season as well. In honor of his 20th anniversary as a filmmaker they are re releasing his first two movies back into theaters for one night only. Tuesday, December 6th (tomorrow!) Reservoir Dogs will be shown in select theaters and two nights later on the 8th you can see Pulp Fiction. Two classic films in their own right, both showing at 7pm.

Check out Fathom’s website to see if your local theater is participating.

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  1. Manonlesko, these days watching a movie at home is WAY better than going to the theater. If it would make you feel better though, we can record a special commentary track for you to listen to as you watch the movies at home. It’ll just be us talking loudly about stuff not related to the movie, the sounds of us munching popcorn loudly, and cell phones going off about every 15 minutes. It’ll be just like going to a real theater!

  2. I doubt they’ll show them in theaters in Bulgaria but thanks for the reminder. I’ll definitely watch them both. Tarantino never gets old!

    • Yea unfortunately they might now be playing in Bulgaria. But I’m glad that wont stop you from watching them anyway! Tarantino is one of the modern greats. I think he’s only getting better too…

      • Yeah, I think you’re right. I love that he explores new things and at the same time stays true to his unique style. Can’t wait to see Django!

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