Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #2

Hey, remember how I said I would continue picking up All-New X-Men? Well, despite all evil appearances, I’m a man of my word.

I think the second issue of this series did a lot more to jumpstart the action than the first did, and I kind of wish they had been combined as one giant-sized first issue! Last time, we saw our current time period’s remorseless murderer Cyclops on a worldwide recruitment drive and Hank McCoy going back in time to recruit the younger Cyclops (with original X-Men in tow) to see the error of his yet-to-come ways. This issue focuses entirely on that side of things. As I mentioned last time, I’ve barely been able to read an X-Men book for some time now, so this issue kind of brought me up to speed on some developments to which I hadn’t really been paying attention. For example, Kitty Pryde is dating Iceman now. Also, we can infer from that last point that Iceman grew some enormous balls and is not afraid of Colossus showing up at the school and turning him into a snow cone. Similarly, when the kids arrive in our present, they have crash course in History… which is to say the next few years of their lives. Cyclops sees that he’s pretty much universally reviled these days, Jean finds out that she’s dead, Hank sees that he’s mutated far beyond their original stages, Bobby observes the remarkable developments in light-emitting diode technology, and Warren can’t help but notice that the mansion has fallen into the hands of the nouveau-riche .

I’m glad someone finally mentioned the fuzzy dwarf who’s presenting on the drawing room floor.

All in all, it was an enjoyable story. It was pretty light-hearted, but obvious that things were about to get serious. There were really only two complaints I have about the book:

1) It’s fallen victim to Marvel’s rushed shipping schedule, where they seem to get out issues of a book as fast as possible just to maximize their monthly market shares. However, this often ends up turning people against the book, it becomes a nuisance rather than a treat. Hopefully this was just a stunt for their first issue and won’t be a regular event. The second volume of Uncanny X-Men was around for only one year, but was 20 issues long. That means that more often than not they shipped 2 issues per month and that clearly didn’t go over too well.

2) Bendis has to realize that not every character talks like Brian Michael Bendis. It was one thing when the Ultimate universe Peter Parker would have a schvitz and kvetch about his tuchas… I didn’t like it, but it clearly wasn’t going to change. But it’s not too late to stop Wolverine from talking like a 90s sitcom character.

Really… I’m cool with Wolverine teaching kids, and I especially like the scene from this issue where he teaches kids who to fight ninja gangs. I like that he’s loosened up in recent years, but I don’t care for him being hip.

Even still, I’m still enjoying the series and I recommend it to anyone who wants to root for the X-Men for a change. Check for my review of the third issue in a month, (or at this rate in two weeks).

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