Help the Evil Geeks Install A Puppet Regime!

Let’s get this guy out of retirement!

Anyong Evil Geeks!  In case you haven’t noticed before. every so often we like to rant about stuff that’s really grinding our gears.  One night in the Evil Lair, whilst in the relentless grip of an epicly drunk and sloppy drinking binge evening of socially appropriate spirit consumption and lively conversation, one of our Evil Geek guest bloggers, the dastardly and nefarious rogue known as Paulo Pinta, was unexpectedly clobbered by a moment of inspiration.  The Muses sucker punched Paulo while we had been discussing the recent acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by Disney and how we were optimistic at the possibility that Disney was going to do right by us fans.  I’ll admit that when I first heard about the purchase my initial reaction was pretty much this:

Ironically, this was also my reaction to this very scene the first time I saw Episode III.

After thinking about it though, I’m confident that Disney is going to do a good job of bringing us some movies a little closer to the three that we actually love.  There really isn’t that long of a wait until Episode 7 comes out, so if Disney is going to be open input from the fans, then now is the moment.  This brings me back to Paulo’s idea.  One thing that would go a long way with the fans, a sure-fire way of bringing us closer to movies we remember would be to cut down on the use of CGI and bring back the old school style puppets that were used for the aliens and creatures in the first movies.  A petition you will start to bring out of retirement the original Yoda you will!!!

This hideous abomination can stay locked away in the deep, dank vault that they keep Jar Jar Binks in. We want Muppets damn it! If it don’t say Henson on the label, then it’s not for us.

In case you’re not sold yet, hear me out.  What’s the first name you think of when you think of when you think of awesome movies with puppets when you were a kid?  Jim Henson and more specifically, The Muppets.  Not only did they bring us the Muppet movies, but they also brought us incredible classics like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.  Tragically, Jim is long gone, but take a wild guess at who owns the rights to the Muppets, their assorted muppeteers, muppet makers, muppet doctors, etc.?  Disney, that’s who!  Think about how sterile and hollow the second trilogy felt when it came to the effects?  Don’t get me wrong, it was some great looking CGI, but that’s all it was: CGI.  There was no character to be had, no personality or life to these creatures that we’re supposed to care about.  Think about how much better and how much more personal those movies would have felt if they had occasionally used a unique creation made by the greatest puppet and creature makers the world has to offer.  Anyone can create a monster out of CGI, but if you want to create a real spectacle on film, give us something we’re not going to see anywhere else:  Actual moving, walking, and talking 3 dimensional monsters, not some soul-less digital creation juxtaposed with some actors against a green screen.  It’s the attention to details like this which were missing from the second trilogy that are going to win back the fans that were left seriously jaded after watching that debacle.  Make these movies personal for the fans, win them back over with great art, not only on the story side of the equation, but on the visual side as well and I guarantee with a following like that of the Star Wars universe, $4 billion will be a drop in the bucket compared to what Disney could make if they put out a product that keeps the fans coming back for more.  Trust me, that’s coming from a guy who bought the original Star Wars films twice on VHS, then all six movies on DVD and eventually will again on Blu-Ray.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. An evolution of Yoda

This is our moment to strike, Evil Geeks: Let’s let Disney know that we fans want Muppets in our next Star Wars movies!  It might end up costing them a little more in the short run, but a genius move like going the extra mile in regards to the special effects would pay off hundreds of times over in the long run. The Evil Geeks have created an online petition you can sign by clicking here. Share this with your Star Wars obsessed friends! Repost it on Twitter and Facebook! Hire some carrier pigeons!  If you’re in a cold climate, then get a message out via Tauntaun Express! Get the word out any way you can (We’re inflating the Evil Geeks Blimp as we speak!  We’ll be dropping leaflets over the city later.)!  Shout out your support in our comments section!

Let’s jump through this small window of opportunity and let Disney know that we are The Evil Geeks AND WE DEMAND MUPPETS!!!

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