30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 28

Hello True Believers!

All month long we’ve been bringing you stories of great men with greater beards who were brave, wise, cracked-out crazy, or all of the above. Today I’m throwing all of geekdom a curveball to bring you a beard like no other, one of an cranky old robot…thats right, today we talk Jetfire!

Hey you young kids…Who’s stealin’ my energon!

Michael Bay brought us three Transformers movies that were cool to look at but hurt your brain to watch, but in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen he gave us a pretty fun take on Jetfire. In the G1 cartoon, Jetfire (who they actually called Starfire) was a Decepticon scientist who worked with Starscream on Cybertron. He crashed to Earth and was frozen in ice a’la Captain America. The Decepticons found him, thawed him out, and tried to convert him to their evil ways. He changed his mind and pissed of his BFF Starscream and jumped ship to the good guys. In the movie we find that we was an old Decepticon baddie too, but jumped ship to the good guys after The Fallen had double-crossed him. He was “sleeping” in the Smithsonian until he was revived with a piece of the All Spark. He wakes up like a cranky old guy with dementia, and he has a built-in Space Bridge to keep kids off his lawn.

Bay’s take on Transformers can be annoying, but I’ll take this cranky old bot over the nerdy pacifist scientist any day of the week!

I love the character simply because he is so mad and old! He hunches over, walks around with a cane and sounds like an old British pirate. Plus he’s got this awesome old-man mangey robot beard….which leads me to the question, why do the old Transformers have beards? Seriously? Were they born that way, or did they transform one day and are just like…hey, whats this? And if so, how do they shave? The old Transformers beard thing goes back to G1 where Alpha Trion had a beard too? I always thought as a kid that they were just going for a wise, Papa Smurf thing with that guy but then they flashback to 70’s porn-stache Alpha Trion? Don’t try to figure it out, it was 80’s cartoons! Either way, sit down and watch Revenge of the Fallen, fast forward about 40 minutes into the movie and you’ll get to check out the awesomeness of Jetfire and then crack up as this grumpy old man bumbles through this movie like Grampa Simpson without his meds, occasionally dispensing a wise lesson in between yelling at Shia Labeouf for getting Optimus killed in the first place! Also, make sure to leave us some comments if you lay in bed at night wondering about robot beards too!

The facial hair evolution of Alpha Trion!
I guess robots can “grow” beards after all?

Later Nerds…make sure to come back tomorrow as we
wind down to the end of Novembeard!

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