30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 26

Hello Nerd Nation

As we wind down Novembeard I had to throw out one of the best beards the comic industry has even seen…Batman!

Hello Kids, Make sure you eat your vegetables and abide by all rules of the road.

Whats that, Batman you say? Well, Batman’s beard story goes way back, but first you have to understand DC’s stance when it comes to Bat-Facial Hair…they don’t like it, not at all. In fact, Kevin Smith was telling a story on his Fatman on Batman podcast a few months ago talking about how DC wouldn’t even let him throw 5 o’clock shadow of the bat on good ‘ol Brucie and that was one of their only rules. So after hearing this, I began a search and realized that the only time that Batman grows facial hair is when he has cracked. He had a stache in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight, some stubble in both All-Star Batman and Robin and the new Batman Court of the Owls storyline, and a hipster/hermit goatee in this summers Dark Knight movie. But good ‘ol Bats tweaked out in the early ’90’s and went full beard. The book was Legends of the Dark Knight and the storyline was Venom. Venom? You mean the Spidey baddey? Nope, actually Venom is the super-steroid fuel that powers Bane. So this is a Bane story then? Nope again, this story superseded the first appearance of Bane by a couple of years at least, but its still a good read.

Oh Bruce…Did you wet the bed again while sleeping in the cave?

I don’t want to give anything away because I really want you to read this, but I’ll give you the gist. Basically, Batman is just a normal guy, he’s a complete badass, but still just a normal guy. No fancy ring, no super speed, or heat vision, but still Bats always wins, right? Well, not this time. Venom starts out with Batman losing, losing really bad in fact, so bad that Bruce can’t take it and he cracks. He realizes that he’s just a guy and maybe he shouldn’t do this unless he can do it perfectly, so he resorts to Venom; a new super-steroid drug that can enhance the Batman. As you can imagine, he thinks that he can handle it and like any good After School Special from the ’80s, everything spins out of control. But back to the beard… Bats grows an enormous beard while he’s in a puddle of self doubt in the cave, in fact this is some crazy mountain-man beard to rival Ron Burgundy’s after he was fired from the Channel 4 news team! Anyway, back to the story. If your a beard or a bat-fan you have to read it, its got it all; Batman, Beards, Drug Use and Abuse, and Venom (which is a huge piece in Bane’s backstory.) I promise that Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight – Venom doesn’t disappoint!

It’s my pity party, dammit!

Come back tomorrow… Same Beard Time, same Beard Channel as we continue to wind down Novembeard!

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