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Hey there Evil Geeks, thanks for being patient and hanging in there while this massively delayed edition of Zombie Round-Up was being worked on.  Due to resource mis-allocation issues, Your Friendly Neighborhood C-Mart has been without internet access for the majority of the week.  While that issue is getting worked out, I’ve drained my reserves of both Evil and Geekiness in order to fill my Flux Capacitor with the required nerdiness to get this post to you from the depths of the stone age.  Yes, much like Cable in the 90’s X-Men canon, I’ve spent all my energy and resources on this one way time jump, so I’m only able to bring you the bare bones this week.  Check back next week for our normal Round-Up though.

BRRRRRNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!  Hi Rick?  This is bat shit crazy calling, just want to see you wanted to hang out for a bit.  Rick seems to be pretty involved in the whole phone ringing situation.  Although in his defense, if I were in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and the phone started ringing, I’d be pretty interested to know who was on the other line.  After dealing with the zombie that went all Old Country Buffet on Lori’s corpse and getting that mysterious phone call, Rick seems to be completely ignoring the rest of the group in order to be close to the phone.  At first there’s a woman on the other end, then after she hangs up, there’s a guy, then another girl. Who are this mysterious group of survivors filling Rick’s head with the idea of a safe haven?  Rick is desperate to know more, so much so that he has completely checked out from anyone else at the prison, including his newborn daughter and emotionally traumatized tween soon.  Hershel comes by to see if Rick’s OK and Rick tells him about the phone calls.  Naturally Hershel seems to be a little hesitant to believe Rick.   After a few more phone calls, Rick finally hears a familiar voice on the phone – Lori!  She tells him that the other folks he’s been speaking to are the other deceased members of their party of survivors and at that point it becomes painfully clear to all involved, that Rick has officially lost his marbles.  If you’ve read the comic, you’ll recall this phone thing happening for quite a while.  Rick would carry the phone with him everywhere and every now and then have a conversation with Lori.  I get that they’re trying to demonstrate the toll that losing Lori has taken on Rick, but I really hated when they did this in the comic and quite frankly, it seems twice as odd when you see it acted out.  I think what makes Rick appealing as a character is his resilience and strength in overcoming tragedy after tragedy.  The audience wants to see Rick persevere, not wallow in sorrow until misery extinguishes his desire to live.  Luckily this seems to have only been a one episode thing, as by the end of the episode Rick has finally rejoined the group and finally takes joy in the sight of his daughter.  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Crazy Rick and Phantom Lori.  God, even in death, Lori finds a way to be annoying.

What’s going on over in Woodbury you ask? Well after storming out of the gates last week, Michonne is now being tracked by Merle and a group of flunkies at the behest of the Governor.  The redneck raiders are hot on her trail when they stumble across a cleverly worded sign from Michonne warning them to go back.  Just as they decide to continue on because their such manly bad-asses and they’re so loyal to the Governor that they’re going to track her down if it’s the last thing they do, Michonne drops out of a tree, slicing one of the men s head’s off and running another through with her blade.  Michonne struggles with Merle for a moment and in the ensuing fracas, ends up getting covered in eviscerated zombie guts.  She runs into the woods to escape, but not before taking a bullet to the leg.

Michonne gets away, but Merle decides to let her go, because according to him she’s running into an area packed with walkers, so she’s as good as dead.  The remaining flunky following Merle, Carjulio,  argues that they should go after her, but Merle is adamant in wanting to let her go and just telling the Governor that she’s dead.  As they argue, Merle distracts Carjulio then cold bloodedly shoots him in the head.  Luckily, Michonne is a little more resourceful than Merle givers her credit for and she figures out that being covered in zombie viscera means that other zombies will leave you alone.  She makes her escape from Merle and wanders into a town, when she begins spying on Glen and Maggie, who have come to the town on a supply run for the survivors at the prison.  As she is observing the duo, Merle shows up and confronts Glen and Maggie.  During the encounter, Merle drops his gun as a show of friendship, but he still has a second gun hidden in his waistband.  Glen being the dumb-ass that he is, still manages to let Merle get the drop and he and Maggie even though they both have guns aimed at Merle, eventually resulting in Merle capturing the two of them.  Way to go, hotshot.  Merle brings them back to the Governor, then tells him a whopper of a lie in which Michonne was killed by the group of men, who were then attacked by a swarm of zombies which Merle was the only one to escape, of course.  Merle also tells him that Maggie and Glen know Andrea, which the Governor doesn’t seem to  enjoy hearing.

While all of this has been going on outside the walls of Woodbury, inside things have been getting pretty steamy.  Andrea has now gone from coyly flirting with the Governor to straight up banging him, which brings up an interesting question of zombie child etiquette: treat them like the family dog and let them watch or let her have a nice juicy leg bone and begin the ho-down once she’s slipped into a food coma?  We’ll have to see what Martha Stewart says about that one.

Finally back at the prison, we get to see more of the softer side of the America’s favorite redneck, zombie slaughtering, poncho wearing, bad-ass, ladies man, Darryl Dixon.  Last week, we saw Darryl pay a visit the to grave of the presumed dead Carol and this week he gets fairly emotional after finding a clue that leads him to a cell where he thinks a zombified Carol has been trapped.  After pouting and stabbing at the wall for a while outside the cell to steel his nerves for what he thinks he’s about to do, he tears open the cell door to find a weak and barely conscious Carol laying on the cell floor.  Darryl picks her up and whisks her to safety while all of the women in the audience collectively swoon for the second week in a row (him feeding L’il Ass Kicker last week went over well with the ladies too).  Also, at the end of the episode, Michonne is seen by Rick outside the prison in a crowd of zombies, carrying the supplies that Glen and Maggie

I liked this episode overall even though the scenes with Crazy Rick talking to the phone just didn’t play well.  The story of the episode sets up the players for the remainder of this portion of the season and the  conflicts that will affect what’s going to happen.  Michonne is clearly going to let Rick know that Merle has captured Glen and Maggie and brought them to the Governor.  What will happen when Merle is reunited with the survivors of the Atlanta camp who left him for dead?  Will he be seeking revenge or is his lying to the Governor an indication that his allegiances lie elsewhere, maybe even choosing to remain with the survivors?  What about Andrea and her sexual predisposition towards complete scumbags (the Gov and of course Shane)?  Is she going to side with her lost friends or will her feelings of abandonment and the promise of steady gubernatorial sex mean she’ll be taking up arms against her former comrades?  What about the Governor’s Zombie Daughter?  Will someone call child services already?!?!  The two opposing groups from the prison and Woodbury are bound to meet eventually, perhaps the Governor is going to find out about Rick’s newborn girl and decide he wants to keep her for himself to replace the daughter he’s already lost?  Will Zombie Daughter start to feel neglected once L’il Ass Kicker shows up?  Will the Governor constantly be asking her “Why can’t you be more like your little sister, she’s not rotting and festering?!?!”  And the most burning question of all:  Is somebody ever going to name this god damn baby already?!?!  Seriously, she’s been in like three episodes and the union people need to know her character’s name for the insurance records.

That’ll take care of Zombie Round-Up for this week!  Even if I don’t have full internet capabilities next week, I’ll try to bring you another update sooner in the week!  Thanks for reading!

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