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Holidays mean a lot of different things for different people; food, friends, parties, work. At the end of the day holidays personify the concept of traditions. Well, on Thanksgiving I usually go somewhere, eat way too much, have a few drinks and then head home to bed. But for the past 8 years or so I’ve made it a point to sneak an awesome read somewhere into my Thanksgiving Day, and my traditionally holiday read is JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice. Virtue and Vice is a 2002 DC Comic Written by Geoff Johns and David S.Goyer with amazing pencils by Carlos Pacheco that stars (and you guessed it) the JLA and the JSA.

Great Taste!

For those who don’t know, the JLA (or Justice League of America) are The Worlds Greatest Heroes and the JSA (or Justice Society of America) are the Original Super-Team from the 1940’s and 50’s in DC’s continuity. Through a series of fortunate events, a bunch of the original heroes were basically given eternal youth and they took it upon themselves to train and mentor young heroes (while saving the world every other day of course.) These two groups of heroes would occasionally work together when some serious shit hit the fan, but generally stayed out of each others book but I would guess that do to the popularity in both the JLA and JSA series that DC knew that had to get these groups together. So Virtue and Vice starts out with the first official reunion with all of these heroes just hanging out together on the JLA Watchtower, celebrating Thanksgiving! And like any family at a holiday, there are tons of conversations happening, some serious and some really silly, oh and there’s arm wrestling! Anyway, some typical shit goes down and they Assemble (sorry Avengers fans, hadda say it) to take care of the threat and without realizing it an even bigger one surfaces. The teams become compromised and allegiances are torn apart and the remaining heroes have to team up in order to save the day. I really don’t want to give anything aways, so all I’ll say is that there are some really cool twists and turns and some awesome locales which might make you do some digging in back issues or searching through wikipedia to get answers, but at the same time its the kind of read that you can go into without any knowledge and still feel satisfied with the story.

Less Filling!

Johns and Goyer tell a story that will keep you intrigued and guessing and Pacheco draws some beautiful heroes and DCU backdrops in this book. In fact, if you like Johns on the current Justice League title, this is where he cut his teeth with those characters. In all honesty, I wish that they would turn this one into an animated feature because it’s a team-up book with great appeal. Also, if you want more of the JLA and JSA together then I’d recommend JSA #54, which serves as a sequel of sorts and is appropriately named Virtue, Vice & Pumpkin Pie! Enjoy this Book and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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