My Stomach is Nostalgic

So, on Friday the news broke that Hostess Brands, Inc. would shut down its production and liquidate all assets. Now, I’m not worried about never having a Twinkie again. The brand is so recognizable that someone will snatch it up and have them back in production before too long, and and even if they don’t it will be for my own good. But it got me to thinking… it got me to thinking about my childhood. When I was a tiny conqueror and only in school for the morning, I would go shopping with my mother. She was a meticulous shopper and we’d hit a variety of different stores for the best deals. One day a week, I have no idea which, we would go to Freihofer’s bakery outlet and I could pick out a special treat. And for a time… a time not TOO limited, as it seemed to span more than a year in my memory, I always chose a Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pie (filled with Vanilla Puddin’ Power)

I love Hostess pies anyway, but these ones were green and endorsed by the most trusted of cartoon characters. And I swear (as do others on the internet) that for a time they were available with traditional crusts and GREEN FILLING to simulate the ooze from the tie-in movie. I can’t imagine that I created this memory from thin air to replace a molestation or something… I’m so sure they existed. And that wasn’t all! They also had four types of miniature cookies! One in each of the cartoon Turtle’s signature colors!

They gave the least popular Turtle the most popular flavor. Well played, Delicious Cookies Inc.

Which brings me to another delicious TMNT licensed treat. A few weeks back, this blog featured an article about cereals of yesteryear and spotlighted the Spider-Man brand. It was, in fact a delicious cereal. I loved it and wish it still existed. But here’s the thing… it was not the first of it’s kind. It was Chex with marshmallows, when push came to shove.

And it was basically just a re-marketed version of the no longer viable TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE cereal.

They made the nets into webs and swapped marshmallow shapes but the spirit was just the same. Now, I’m not complaining because this allowed me to enjoy my favorite cereal long after the Turtles had fallen into relative obscurity.

Well, all of this reminiscing has me craving some carbs, so I’ll see all ya’ll geeks on the flippity flop.

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