Diary of Dinobot: Honorbound

I was digging in my back yard the other night. Don’t ask why, I have hobbies and don’t ask you about yours. Anyway, I came across a recorded log, or diary as i see it. I wasn’t sure what to do with it as it looked very old. Should I give it to a museum? Or should I keep it for myself? Curiosity is a very powerful thing so I proceeded to open it, and amazingly it still worked! What I heard was somewhat disturbing, yet thought-provoking. Was this the first recorded tale in human history? How was it electronic when there was no electricity back then? Many questions arose in my mind. There was a button on the side; red, shiny, and inviting. I hesitated for a moment, and then pressed it. This is what came out of it, I’m not sure what to make of it….

Begin Log:

Choice: Do I Die in Honor? Or Live in Shame?

Day 1: We landed. Scans indicate abundant source of Energon and resources. No sign of the “others” yet. Did they survive? Time will tell. I have a feeling something is going on. Should I warn the rest? Or do they already know? I must look into this further…

Day 2: I do not feel that this is the correct destination that we agreed upon. The surroundings and environments do not seem to be what we were told. A form has been scanned for me. It is one of scales, reptile-like and bipedal. We have all been given forms to blend in, and now the work begins. Something still seems off however. I do not trust him. He is hiding something….

Day 3: I firmly believe this is not the planet we set course for. I am going to bring this up to him right now. I do not care how far we have come, our lives and well-being have been put at risk due to his unfathomable blunder. I am not a simple creature that takes orders lightly. I will do everything I can to uphold my honor and make sure we are not lied to again,even if it means taking control myself…

Day 4: Do they not understand what is going on here? They follow the abomination blindly. Salivating at every word he says and obeying absolutely. Such honorless fools. A failed coup attempt on my behalf has set me back. It was my own stupidity for thinking these wretches would understand that he is wrong, and has put us all in danger. The scorpion will pay for what he has done. Mark my words.

Day 6: I have made contact with the “others”. They are not as they seem. I will make myself known to them soon and hope that they may understand the dilemma at hand.

Day 7: How could I have been so wrong? For years I spent my time under the rule and thumb of a tyrant who has no idea of the danger he plays with. Such arrogance he exudes. Enough to match my own at times. These “others” as I have been referring them to, are creatures of honor and loyalty. They follow the primal one because he leads with strength and courage. Not with deception and falsitudes. I challenged and defeated the primal one, however it was an empty victory. Improper footing is no way for a real warrior to win. Even though I came with ill intentions and thoughts of taking over, I cannot. They have shown me compassion…I will continue to work with them although I am not one of them. I will always be the outsider. The “rat” has made that painfully clear.

Day 10: I have come to understand these creatures more fully. They do not do what they do for power or personal gain, they do it because they must. To stop the machinations of my former leader and bring peace and life to this planet. They have a code of honor, and enforce it. The “rat” may seem off, but he understands it just as well as the rest. We do what we do because we must. They have been referring to themselves now as “Maximals”. A fitting title I would say.

Day 34: I do not know what I should do anymore. My time with the Maximals has been productive, even going so far as to say adventurous. There have been changes however on both sides. Transmetals they call it. I do not believe in it. Strength comes from ones convictions and deeds. Not from a sudden transformation. I do not require it, but I long for it at the same time. Perhaps my former leader was right? The destruction of the moon has me doubting my choices. I will have to make a decision soon.

Day 38: I have infiltrated the base of my former comrades. The moons destruction has had me doubting whether or not the “Maximals” can even do anything to stop them. Perhaps it is time to trade sides again? Do I give up my honor for victory? Or do I die with my ideals intact? I will debate this. I have located two energy discs that may be the key to the future…but what should i do?

Day 39: I have given one of the discs to my former leader. There seems no other possible outcome than the destruction and mining of this planet for Energon. Why does this not feel correct though? Why do I constantly doubt myself? They said they have captured one of the “others”… a rat they say. I was unaware that it was my “rat.” This proves troubling.

Day 40: Honorless ingrates! They will pay dearly for what they asked me to do. Although there have been differences, the “rat” has grown to be respected by me… for the most part. I do not know how I will explain myself to them. They provided me shelter and comfort, and I threw it into their faces on a whim of old habits. I do not deserve to be allowed back with them. I will try though. I will regain my honor, and I will stop them.

Day 41: I do not deserve the treatment they have given me. I was welcomed back. I must make up for what I did. I must understand these discs if we are to ever defend against them.

Day 45: This is inexcusable! The threat of what they are about to do is too great to be ignored. This is my chance to prove myself, to redeem myself. I will go alone, and may I be victorious!

Day 46: I have made my way through the base. Nothing can or will stop me. They need to be stopped, otherwise this world will face dire consequences. Ones I do not wish to see come to pass. Only one obstacle remains now… Him.

Day 46: I am too badly damaged to continue. My work here is done, but I will not live to see the peace it brings. I can feel them arriving. They will find me, but it will be too late. Maybe in a different life, I will be honored and granted place amongst them. Hero, soldier, defender…. all of these are worthy titles. I do not wish for my deeds and misdeeds to be forgotten. The good with the bad should be known. Even if you are at the bottom, there is always a way to make it to the top. May they tell my story to those who ask…tell them the truth. all of it. I wait for their arrival….


–Arthur Harkness

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