30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 17

Novembeard continues! On Day 9, we brought you our first intergalactic beard with the all powerful General Zod. Today the Geeks bring you our first inter species beard with the Michael J. Fox classic, Teen Wolf.

In what universe would this hilariously grotesque creature becomes the coolest guy in High School? The only universe I would want to live in! Besides, he’s pretty much Marty McFly anyway. He’s a basketball star who can shotgun beers with ease thanks to his fangs. What more could a teenager ask for? It’s the 80’s after all, not the brooding emo MTV version.

I am very thankful for two things. That the werewolf gene did not skip a generation and we get to see Teen Wolf’s dad who would have no problem filling in for The Grateful Dead after Jerry Garcia died.

The other is that the movie gave birth to one of the greatest shirts I’ve ever seen:

Check in tomorrow geeks as Novembeard continues!

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