Werewolves and vampires and fairies, oh my!

Humans, shifters, werewolves, and vampires were obviously not enough species vying for the affections of the fair Sookie Stackhouse—she now as a new fairy love interest cast for season 6 of HBO’s True Blood. Keep reading for more details (spoilers abound for last season, ye be warned!).

I miss the old “waiting sucks” tagline. This show is so punny.

Last season left Sookie on the outs with Bill (but do we really blame her after he was brainwashed by, and possibly reborn as, Lillith?), fizzling sexual tension with Eric after his amnesia-induced hookup with her a season ago, and a drunken (and rudely interrupted) one night stand with Alcide. That leaves the vamps and the wolves out of the picture (for now), making room for Sookie’s apparent new fairy beau. Hopefully he will be a bit different from the fairy men we’ve seen on the show so far, which have been so flamboyantly gay it takes the “fairy” joke a bit too far.

Who knew fairies were into burlesque?

Sookie’s adventures in Fairy Land—or where ever it is that she goes—have been mostly vague and awkward, featuring glowing cocktails and filmed through what is obviously a lens smeared with Vasoline (see below). But every time a fairy sneaks into our realm and the town of Bon Temps, something crazy is always bound to happen. They never last long though since, as we all know, fairies are like cat-nip to vampires. They literally chase them around, sniffing the air and rolling around in the field where the fairy portal is. That’s one way to keep those pesky vamps in line, I guess.

The intern in charge of cleaning the Vasoline from the lenses must have been off that day.

Sookie’s new fairy companion is named Ben, and is another character that was not in the original series of books by Charlaine Harris. The show-newbies have worked out splendidly so far, in my opinion. Baby-vamp Jessica is a fan favorite, as was the gay nurse-witch Jesus. Yes, you read that right. As a fan who has read all the books, I enjoy watching these new characters because I simply don’t know what’s going to happen to them. But then again, in the past few seasons the show has taken a sharp left turn at Shreveport, leaving the source material far, far behind.

Still no sign of Quinn, one of my favorites of Sookie’s many suitors. The cage-fighting were-tiger will surely make his way onto the show at some point, one would hope, because that storyline is just too cool to pass up.

In the meantime, we will have to settle for the additional eyecandy that fairy Ben will bring to an already ridiculously good-looking cast. Ben will be played by British actor Rob Kazinsky, most known for his role in the BBC series EastEnders.

I’m not a vamp, but even I want a bite of that.

Welcome to the craziness, Ben. Try not to get eaten by a vampire within your first few scenes, I’d like to enjoy your face on my television for longer than that.

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