The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks: Now Featuring 20% More Evil Geeks!

You may have noticed recently that all your pets have been acting strangely, there have been several abrupt mass bird migrations, and a series of rolling blackouts have been plaguing the area.  Nothing to fear, this kind of thing happens all the time whenever we increase our ranks.  You see, we often like to compare ourselves to The Blob,

Uhhhh, no, for once we’re actually not talking about that one.  Next slide please,

Ahhh much better.  Yeah, that gross mass of pink goo is us. Every so often we need to consume a plow truck or two in order to keep growing and thriving, thus providing you with even more pulsating and highly acidic Evil Geekness.  Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself or avert your eyes as you wish, because it is our honor to introduce to you the latest plow truck to be engulfed in our never-ending quest to consume all that our gelatinous tentacles can grasp.  I present unto to you Arthur Harkness!  He recently wrote a guest post whilst wearing the armor of Stormtrooperxj379 but henceforth shall be serving up Evil Geekery at will.  The ritual has been completed; for now we rest, for tomorrow we conquer!

Welcome Aboard Arthur Harkness, Hope You Survive the Experience!

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