Zombie Round-Up: Say The Word

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Hello again all you undead loving Evil Geeks out there, it’s once again time for our weekly Walking Dead wrap up!  After last week’s emotional and shocking episode, I know I couldn’t wait to see what was next for the remaining survivors.  With Lori gone, what will her absence do to Rick and Carl?  Will Michonne decide to invest in that time-share condo in Woodbury?  And what about T Dog?  Who’s going to casually stroll into an episode, drop a quick line of dialogue, then vanish into the ether every week?  Also, we seem to have misplaced our Carol?   If you see her around, could you let us know?  As usual, spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know what happens then watch the episode first and head back here.

The Official Brotherhood Spoiler Warning!

“Say the Word” picks up immediately after the conclusion of last week’s episode with a completely shattered Rick Grimes dealing with the loss of his wife Lori, while the rest of the survivors are suddenly trying to figure out how they’re going to feed a baby.  Darryl offers to make a supply run to the nearest town to find formula, then Maggie and Glen volunteer to go also.  Because of the condition of the road to town, the only vehicle capable of making the trip is Darryl’s motorcycle, therefore only one other person can go on the run.  Maggie volunteers telling Glen to stay because she needs to do it for Lori.  Glen, clearly concerned with Maggie’s safety tells her to be careful and watches with a worrisome look on his face as Maggie rides away with Darryl.  One wonders how much of that look has to do with his concern with Maggie being OK and how much of it has to do with his insecurity over watching his girlfriend take off on the back of some other dude’s hog?

How’s Rick taking the death of his grating wife, whom towards the end of her life he was barely able to look at?  Let’s just say if going on a crazed, blood drenched, axe wielding, zombie murdering spree, is considered taking it well, then he’s taking it extremely well.  Rick is cutting a bloody swath back through the prison to the spot where Lori died.  Along the way Glen catches up and tries to talk to him but Rick grabs him, throws him against a wall, grunts loudly, then continues the spree.  When Rick eventually reaches the place where Lori died, he is shocked to find her body missing.  He finds the bullet casing left behind when Carl shot her, so its doubtful she’s become a walker.  Rick follows the trail of blood to find a zombie with a distended belly, circling the gentle sleeper hold of a food coma.  It seems the zombie has eaten Lori’s remains.  After blowing its brains out, Rick is about to split the zombie open hoping maybe to find a rocking chair, or a license plate, or maybe even pieces of that little Kitner boy, but instead flips out and begins violently stabbing the zombie in the stomach.  Could it be that Rick resents his wife for finally being free of the hellish existence that day-to-day life has become and for leaving him with a newborn, that he is taking his frustrations out on her remains by stabbing at them?  Rick is clearly a few fries short of a Happy Meal at this point, yet he is still responsible for not only Carl and the new baby, but the rest of the survivors as well. Lori’s death has clearly brought him to a breaking point, what effect will that have on his other responsibilities?

Michonne always loves re-enacting the Django Fett death scene from Episode II.

Back in Woodbury, things initially seem all hunky dory.  Everything is so great in fact, that they are throwing a big, day-long party to celebrate, and there are to be some special festivities at night too.  We find out that the Governor has been keeping his rotting zombified daughter locked up in his house in a super creepy scene of him brushing her hair.  Later, Michonne breaks into the Governor’s house to retrieve her sword and nearly gets nabbed in the process.  She is able to slip out of an open window and with her trusty blade in tow, she begins searching around the nooks and crannies of Woodbury.  She eventually stumbles across a cage full of captive walkers, which she liberates, then immediately dispatches with her sword.  When the Governor finds out about this, he is not too happy and wants to have a word with Michonne.  During the confrontation, an unarmed Michonne manages to swipe her sword right out of the Governor’s hands and holds him at blade point.  The Gov decides to let her and Andrea leave if they wish, but ultimately Andrea decides to stay and she and Michonne part ways on not so friendly terms.  Later on that night, Andrea finds out that the special festivities promised earlier, was actually a gladiator fight between Merle and another one of the Gov’s men in a zombie lined ring.  Merle acts every part the preening professional wrestler before the bout and during the fight, manages to deliver an extremely graceful crescent kick to the head of his opponent.  One can’t help but wonder, if in another world, Merle just may have been one heck of a ballet dancer…  Upon seeing all this Andrea is disgusted and let’s the Governor know that she finds this all very sick and twisted.  Even though the two are becoming closer and closer, this creates a moment of tension between them.

Back at the prison (the actual, physical building of prison, not Rick and Lori’s marriage) Maggie and Darryl return with the formula for the now crying baby.  It’s at this point we learn Darryl’s real secret power; sure he can slay zombies like a pro, sure he can hunt down squirrels or opossums or what varmint you may want to eat with his crazy tracking skills, but his real talent: soothing/feeding babies while making America’s women swoon over a man who spends the majority of his day covered in rotting zombie guts.

Sure, let the guy with entrails caked beneath his fingernails feed the kid.

As the survivors are standing around gawking in amazement at the site of Darryl Dixon nursing an infant, Darryl asks Carl what the baby’s name is.  Carl then lists off the names of every female that has died on the show thus far, before walking away in a mumbly trance.  Darryl suggests the name Lil Ass Kicker for the girl, which in his defense is an upgrade from what Rick and Carl have been calling her: That Bitch That Killed My Mom/Wife.  Speaking of Rick, where is he during all this?  Well he’s sprawled on the floor of the room where Lori died, just a few feet away from the corpse of the corpse that ate her.  As he’s sitting there, suddenly a phone rings!  Rick answers the phone, but we won’t find out who’s on the other end until next week.  If you’ve read the comic though, you have a pretty good idea of who it is on the phone.  Yeah…let’s just say that Rick REALLY isn’t well right now.

That’s all for this week Evil Geeks!  Tune back in again next week for another installment of Zombie Round-Up.

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