30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 10


We are chugging through the always-getting-colder month of Novembeard and today I wanted to showcase one of the best beards of Comicdom….Logan. That’s right, we are talking Wolverine himself! Anyone who calls themselves a comic fan knows that the little Canuck is one hairy bastard with some of the most glorious mutton chops ever, but good ‘ol Wolvie never really went full-on beard, that is not until his life turned to shit! I’m talking about the Mark Millar and Steve McNiven run on Wolverine a few years ago called “Old Man Logan.”

Whatcha lookin’ at bub?

“Old Man Logan” tells the story of a Wolverine who really isn’t Wolverine anymore. He is a man at the end of his rope living in a world where most of the good guys were wiped out in a systematic fashion. Being damn close to immortal has its advantages, that is until you have to watch all your friends get killed and you end up surviving. It would even push a man to become amish-like!

Even my beard has a healing factor…bub!

Although the world has gone to shit, our unlikely hero has attempted to carve out a life for himself and a family and this story while perpetually keeping his head down. Sounds kinda boring, huh? Obviously there are some shake-ups that make this a killer read that you’ll want to finish in one sitting and then re-read to find all the easter eggs that Millar has left for us! One of the best parts of this book is that you could describe it as a roadtrip/buddy story across a completely frigged-up America…Who’s the buddy? Well it’s none other than old and bony-ass Hawkeye, who’s sporting an impressive beard of his own; thats right, 2 beards for the price of 1! Plus, it’s always fun to see who survives the apocalypse and exactly how they do that, right? I’ll give you my Evil Geek guarantee that you wont be disappointed in this book or this beard!

All we want is the “Just For Men” and no-one will get hurt…That and whatever prescription meds you might have!

Until Tomorrow Nerds, keep the beards growing!

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