Zombie Round-Up: Killer Within

I think you’re going to want to reconsider writing me off the show. As a matter of fact, I think now would be a great time to talk about the Lori-centric sitcom spinoff…

Welcome back Evil Geeks to our second installment of Zombie Round-Up.  No, it’s not the name of a poorly done indie comic about undead voodoo priests fighting cowboys (mental note: write that comic), it’s the name of our new weekly Walking Dead wrap up!  We’re all very lucky that this article is being written at all; I have an unopened copy of Halo 4 sitting a mere few feet away from me and it’s taking a Hal Jordan-esque amount of will power to keep me from tearing into that mofo.  Must…finish…article….

WHAT AN EPISODE!!!  First off, let’s get the spoiler warning out of the way, because your friendly neighborhood C-Mart is going to spoil the shit out of this episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

As I mentioned in my review of Something To Fear from the comic version of TWD every time the survivors get nice and cozy in the world they’re currently living in, all hell breaks loose causing a bunch of people die.  Sure enough, just as our gang has made the prison a decent place to live, here come the walkers.  This time it actually took place right at the EXACT moment that everyone found a moment of happiness.  Everyone was in a good mood seeing Hershel finally getting up to go for a walk and stretch his leg, Rick and Lori seemed to be on better terms, all seemed to be going well, then one by one walkers start filtering into the prison.  Everyone scrambles, with some running for cover and others running to fight the zombies.  In the ensuing fracas Lori, Carl, and Maggie end up getting chased into the prison, which is also now swarming with walkers and eventually cornered in a utility room.  Carol and T Dog fight their way into the prison, but T Dog is bitten in the process; Glen, Rick, and Darryl have their hands full with the horde, and Hershel hops to safety with Beth.  Carol and T Dog eventually run into a herd and in a moment of true heroism, the already doomed T Dog sacrifices himself in order for Carol to get away.  Or does she?  The remaining prisoners tell Rick and rest that someone had opened the prison gates.  The survivors immediately suspect the prisoners, who maintain their innocence, because of course no one in prison has ever lied about being innocent.  As the group battles the phalanx of zombies, the prisons’ alarm starts going off, attracting even more walkers to the prison.  Rick and company eventually run across the culprit while trying to shut off the alarm, it’s Andrew, the prisoner that Rick chased into a zombie-filled courtyard last episode.  Turns out he didn’t die and now plans on taking over the prison from our group of survivors.  During the ensuing fight with Andrew, the remaining prisoners prove their loyalty to Rick by killing Andrew.  Lori, being annoying as she is, starts to go into labor whilst hiding from the invading ghouls.  Cutoff from the only members of the group who know how to deliver a baby, Lori decides that in order for the baby to survive, Maggie is going to have to give her an emergency C- section, which Lori has absolutely no chance of surviving.  Lori says a few last mom-ish words of advice to Carl and Maggie very graphically slices into Lori, eventually removing the baby as Lori dies.  As if Carl wasn’t traumatized enough at this point, he then has to put a bullet in Lori’s brain to keep her from turning.  The deed happens off camera though, which makes one wonder if Zombie Lori will come into play at some point this season.

…and guess who’s getting a spin-off too… AND a movie!!!

Let’s address the giant, reeking, zombie elephants in the room: The sentence “Lori is my FAVORITE character on The Walking Dead,” has never been uttered by human lips. There was that one time that it was said by a parrot, but in his defense it’s generally believed that he was being sarcastic at the time. As for T Dog, we’ll miss the one line a week he managed to get in before fading into the background. It’s not that I didn’t like him, I did, I would have loved to have seen him have an expanded role in the story, but at times it was really easy to forget he was even still on the show. We have these two characters, one whom is universally despised and one who is underwritten to the point of irrelevancy, both meeting horrible ends, but it still makes an impact on the audience. An emotional one at that. As grating a character as Lori was, my heart seriously broke when Rick sees only Carl, Maggie, and the baby emerging from the prison, causing him to totally break down. Also, after Carl shoots Lori how can you not feel bad for him as he comes out of the back room with a completely cold and emotionless look on his face. Much credit to Chandler Riggs for his acting in that scene and the following one in the courtyard. His performance demonstrates that after Lori’s death, Carl is emotionally damaged to the point of numbness. He’s just blank in these scenes, no emotion, no feeling, like he’s not even there (I don’t mean that in a bad way either, that kid convinced me that his character really felt that way). Where do Carl and Rick go from here? They’re obviously both totally shattered. And how can they possibly care for a newborn baby, not only because of their emotional states, but where are they possibly going to get milk or formula to feed it? In the comic, Lori and the baby died at the same time, so the baby’s presence complicates matters for Rick and Carl. We know what happens to them in the comic, but with the universe of the show, we’re in completely uncharted territory for the remaining members of the Grimes family. I now actually feel bad for all those times I said that I couldn’t wait for Lori to die.

While everything is going to hell at the prison, there’s also some goings on at Woodbury too. Andrea and Michonne are becoming increasingly at odds over what their plans are going to be. Andrea seems to be starting to favor the idea of staying in Woodbury, while Michonne can’t wait to get the fuck outta’ dodge. Michonne questions the Governor over his account of how he and his men wound up in possession of the army gear they recently brought back to the town, but Andrea on the other hand seems to be getting a little flirty with the Guv, or as he’s now know the her: Phillip. Also, it seems like Andrea might be a little bit miffed at the other survivors. She half assedly blames them for leaving her behind at the farm, so she tells Merle exactly where he can find the farm where she last saw everyone. Merle plans on going to find Darryl, but he’s also got a bone to pick with Rick, so you know that’s going to be causing some trouble for our survivors in the near future. Also, we see some tension arise between Merle and the Governor. Merle wants to head out immediately to look for Darryl, but the Governor wants him to stay behind and keep an eye on the town until everything is secure enough for them to send a team to the farm. You have to wonder if that will come into play soon also. There’s eventually going to be a confrontation between the Governor and the survivors at the prison. Could Merle end up fighting on the side of the survivors against the Governor to get close to his brother or is Merle’s desire for revenge going to drive his decision?

That about sums up the craziness that was “Killer Within”. We’re only 4 episodes into this season and it’s already been a complete whirlwind of a ride. All those people who complained that last season really slowed down once everyone got to Hershel’s farm have finally had their wishes granted! Keep checking in with us every week for more Walking Dead action and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

See you soon Evil Geeks!

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