Back Stories I Wish I Knew More Of

There’s always those movies you care so much about, but you already know everything about them. So what do you do when you want to know more about a certain situation or a character that’s skimmed over and never elaborated on? You go to the internet of course or unlicensed books or possibly even sink to the level of reading fan fiction. Today I want to discuss something that’s plagued me for years. Just what is the back story between Doc Brown and Marty McFly in Back To The Future?

It’s never mentioned at all throughout the trilogy of movies. In what circumstances are we led to believe that a 16 year old high school student and a 50+ year old scientist meet and foster a friendship? Especially a scientist who Principal Strickland refers to as a “nutcase” and clearly thinks Marty is in danger of being corrupted. I need to so much more.

Did they meet at the Burger King next to Doc’s house? Did Marty hold Doc’s back bumper while skateboarding? Did Doc audition for Marty’s band the Pinheads? (he does have a guitar at his place, unless Marty keeps his instruments there). A little off topic, but what the hell is the point of an experiment to set all of your clocks back 20 minutes? So many unanswered questions. I need an origin story or a prequel about Doc set between 1955 and 1985 that covers all this ground and more. Hell I’d take a video game or even a graphic novel. Anything!

Another one that’s less significant that I’ve always been interested in comes from Raiders Of The Lost Ark. In the beginning after the famous scene where Indy evades the massive boulder and escapes the natives by diving into a river. He swims to a prop plane piloted by a friend (or employee) named Jock who is kind of reminiscent of Launch Pad from Duck Tales. Their banter suggests they are friendly and at least have some history with one another.

Why was he never seen or heard of again? Was Indy such a hard ass that he fired him because of his pet snake in the airplane? Apparently, he must have preferred commercial planes that produce a red dot on a map when you travel. Jock is another one of the movie mysteries that I’ve spent too much time wondering about through my childhood without any answers.

Leave us the back stories you wish you knew more about in the comments section.

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  1. Huey, Doie, and Louey. Is Daisy the mother?

  2. Sadly, the Marvel Indiana Jones comics gave us some further adventures of Jock, but they may or may not have taken place before Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  3. I recently heard the backstory on Doc and Marty. I think it was Robert Zemeckis who finally relayed it in a recent interview. It seems Marty was dared by some hooligans (Needles maybe?) to break into Doc’s lab. While he was inside, Doc caught him and instead of turning him over to the cops, they struck up a friendship somehow. If I can find the whole story I’ll post a link here.

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