30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 6

We are doubling your Star Wars pleasure today with our 6th installment of 30 for the month of Novembeard and damn is it a good one.

Crazy old Ben Kenobi. One of the finest characters of the entire Star Wars saga. I’m a sucker for the sagely old mentor types. Consequently, Obi-Wan is most appealing to me in Episode IV as a hermit who lives beyond the Dune Sea. His character is ok in the prequels but there’s something about old ass Obi-Wan that is fascinating to me. He’s handy with a lightsaber, he’s willing to sacrifice himself, he’s the first true Jedi we see in the movie and he never condescends to Luke even though Luke is a naive farm boy idiot. That disheveled (yet somehow stately) beard along with the tunic conjures up a wild image of a man on the outskirts of society who knows the ways of the universe in ways we will never understand. He’s Gandalf and Mr. Feeny rolled into one and today the Evil Geeks salute you Obi-Wan.

We should all be so lucky to have him appear to us in visions.

Obi-Wan may be the first white beard appear on the list, but we promise he isn’t the last. Come back each day as we present to you the best beards in all of Nerd culture for the month of Novembeard.

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