30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 4

We’re steadily marching through the month on Novembeard and while the month is dedicated to the mighty beard, I thought we’d take a break today to honor the beard’s cousin from the North, the mustache. Sure, these days they’re mainly sported by cops and gay porn stars, but a good, sturdy, Selleck-like mustache can rival even the mightiest of beards on the facial field of battle. In fact, sometimes the very presence of a mustache can be so powerful, that is offers us peek through a window into another dimension. One such power-stache would be the one sported by Senior Justicia a.k.a. Mustache Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.

That my friends, es un mustache muy, muy guapo.

In case you’re not a regular viewer of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall and his wife Lily had a deal to hold off on having children until they had seen the exact doppelganger of each member of their group of friends, their reasoning being that once they have seen the exact duplicates of all thier close friends, that would be the universes way of telling them that they were ready for parenthood. Some of the other dopplegangers that they’ve seen are Lesbian Robin, Stripper Lily, and Mexican Wrestler Ted. They’ve also seen several dopplegangers for Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney, but each one of them has actually just been Barney wearing a disguise while trying to get laid. Senior Justicia was the dead ringer for Marshall. Like Marshall, he was also lawyer, however where as Marshall was an environmental lawyer, Senior Justicia was a sleazy, mustache weraing, ambulance chaser, advertising on the sides of buses, who wears a cheap suit and only speaks spanish. He was basically Bizzarro Marshall. He was almost the same guy, but throw in the mustache and you’ve got a whole new man. That is one powerful mustache, that’s why we’re deidcating November 4th as El Dia de El Senior Justicia!

All the best lawyers can be found with their faces strattling the ass of a bus.

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