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Hello. I’m Negan and I’ll be your assaulter today!

Howdy all you Evil Geek buckaroos out there!  Welcome back to another Evil Geek Book Report.  I’ve finally managed to get myself away from Gotham for a bit and I’ve landed somewhere only slightly less bleak and grim:  The world of The Walking Dead!  As I mentioned WAAAYYYY back in early October in our Top 5 post, I’m practically obsessed with zombies.  Naturally therefore, I am also an avid reader of The Walking Dead.  TWD is a heavily serialized story, it’s not impossible to jump on board at any point, but you’ll appreciate the story more if you’ve been reading since the beginning.  Because of the serialization, it’s rare that they actually do a complete storyline as opposed to one long running story.  Something to Fear is actually the first time I can recall them EVER doing a storyline, so this would probably be a good place to hop on if you’re a fan of the show, but have never read the books.

Something to Fear takes place across issues 97 – 102 of the comic and to say it’s a completely engrossing page turner would be to sell short the excitement and tragedy offered by the tale. As much as I would love to just start ranting about how good it is and spilling all the best secrets, I’m going to try not to let any spoilers slip, but HOLY FUCKBALLS was I shocked when (insert the name of a character you don’t want to see die) died!!! I still can’t believe it :'(  In fact there are two pretty significant deaths among the people of Alexandria (the town where Rick and Co. are now residing), that will leave you shocked beyond words.  Who get’s the axe, so to speak?  You’ll have to read it to find out for sure, but this pic has everything to do with it:

Lucille is scary enough, you really don’t want to meet Desi.

So what’s it about?  Well, if you’re not familiar with TWD, every so often the world the characters live in expands a little bit and once the characters and the readers get nice and comfy in that world, that’s about when the zombies start pouring in through the windows and eating people alive.  Here’s the gist of it so far:  At first it was about a group of survivors on the road, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.  After wandering for a while, the group finds themselves a nice prison to curl up in.  Just as they are feeling secure in their new home, they discover that there’s a small town not far from where they are.  Ooops, turns out the town isn’t exactly friendly.  Right on cue here comes the death, destruction, and a horde of zombies.  With the prison no longer being safe, our survivors hit the road again, wandering for a while until they come across another town.  A larger town! With walls!  And friendly people!  Our protagonists move in, start enjoying themselves a little too much aaaaaannnnnnddddddd once again here comes the grim reaper riding on a cart pulled by zombie unicorns with thousands of zombies trailing after him.  After a little more death and destruction, the survivors decide to rebuild their town once again.  Just as everything has become secure and locked down… a stranger shows up at the gates! Time to expand that world a little more.  The stranger, named Jesus, tells Rick and the rest that not only is there another town, called The Hilltop, not too far from them, there’s actually a whole network of friendly towns, all trading with one another and helping each other survive!  Jesus tells the Alexandria folks that if they want to join the network, then everything will be smooth sailing with rainbows and candy for all!  The Alexandria people agree and that’s when they find out exactly how important reading the fine print can be.   Rick, Jesus, and a small group of people from Alexandria head over to the town that Jesus is from and when they get there they find out from the towns’ leader that mmmmmaaaaayyybbbeeeee Jesus might have, just slightly, glossed over an extremely important detail.  It turns out the towns in the network are all being terrorized by some guy named Negan and his band of followers.  The deal is, each of the towns must hand over half of their supplies, crops, etc. to Negan or he’ll come by, take the stuff himself, and leave everyone in heaping pile of dead.  If Alexandria wants in on the network, then they need to take care of Negan.  Jesus has been watching Alexandria for some time and has seen that Rick and Co. know how to fight and shoot.  Jesus tells Rick that from what he’s seen, Negan will be no match for the people of Alexandria.  Rick being Rick, gives in to his newly inflated ego and decides “Fuck this Negan dude.  I’m Rick ‘Mothafuckin’ Grimes and I run this sum’ a bitch! I killed more zombies than you ever seen, son!  I survived the Governor, with one hand!” Rick agrees and he and the rest of his crew set off for home.   That’s where Something to Fear starts off. On the way home, Rick, Andrea, Michonne, Glen, and Carl run across some street toughs who claim that they are Negan.  In typical post-apoclyptic badass fashion, the group wipes the floor with those chumps and leaves one alive to run back to the rest of his gang and tell them to stay away from the towns.  Thinking that they’ve just made the apocalypse a safer place for women and children by easily eliminating Negan, the group heads home triumphant.  What Rick isn’t aware of though is the fact that many of Negan’s followers refer to themselves as Negan collectively.  Oops!  Within a few days of that encounter Alexandria is attacked by a group of Negans followers.  While one of the main characters of the town meets a grisly demise at the front of the battle, they end up fending off Negan’s men and again make the same mistake of thinking they’ve wiped out the threat.

After this battle, Maggie tells Glen that she is pregnant, so he decides that he’s going to move the two of them and Sophia to The Hilltop because it’ll be safer for them there.  Shortly thereafter Rick, Michonne, Carl, Glen, Maggie, and Sophia set out for The Hilltop to bring supplies.  That’s were everything REALLY goes south for our band of survivors.  You see, the guys they killed on the way back from The Hilltop were just a couple of flunkies and it turns out the real Negan is just a little bit vexed over losing out on all the supplies from the network of towns.  On the road, the group from Alexandria has some car trouble and end up being forced to spend the night out in the open.  While Rick is supposed to be keeping watch, he ends up getting leashed like a stray dog by someone who sneaks up on him from behind.  Soon enough our gang are tied up, placed on their knees and introduced to the actual Negan and his trusty companion Lucille.  He let’s Rick know that he doesn’t enjoy being fucked with at all and that because of Rick’s actions, Negan will be forced to teach him a lesson.  Negan tells him that by the time it’s all over he’s going to “slide his dick” down Rick’s throat and Rick will thank him for it.  Thankfully Negan’s dick stays in its holster, but by the time the encounter is over, everyone in the group regrets ever thinking that they could take down Negan.  Also, Alexandria is also now on the list of towns that Negan will be taking supplies from.  The rest of the story deals with the aftermath of that meeting and the new reality for the people of Alexandria.

Unfortunately, this is not the Lucille that accompanies Negan.

Something to Fear is without a doubt shocking, revolting, and entertaining.  Then again, I can’t think of any Walking Dead story that isn’t.  If you’ve read the book in the past or are a fan of the TV show, then I recommend this book.  When _______ died, I literally gasped out loud while I was reading it and actually had to read a few extremely graphic pages over and over again just to make sure that there was no way that character could still be alive.  Yeah….judging by the shape their body is in by the time it’s over, I’m pretty sure they aren’t coming back.  Even as a zombie.

When there’s no more room in Hell, The Evil Geeks shall walk the Earth!

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