Geeks give back!

All of us in the Evil Lair hope that our geeky followers are all safe from the Frankenstorm. The Evil Lair itself is fortified by our combined telepathic strength, but not everyone is so lucky. I came across a great opportunity to donate money to Hurricane Sandy relief–not only do you get to feel good about donating, but you also get something awesome in return: FandomAid!

Fandoms unite!

FandomAid is a community on Livejournal that raises money for disaster relief by auctioning off original works of fanfiction and fanart. You don’t need a Livejournal account to participate! You can log in through Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, and Google. As long as there is a way for the authors and artists to contact you, you are golden.

There is a HUGE array of fandoms, and many wonderful creative people involved. Now’s your chance to get that fanfic or fanart that you’ve always dreamed of! Prices vary by author/artist (some charge per 100 words, for example), but don’t be stingy, this is for a great cause. You can bid auction-style on a work of your choice, but there is also a buy-it-now option to make sure you get the fanwork you want, and also custom requests through the artists/authors themselves. Your donation goes to the approved charity of your choice, chosen by FandomAid to benefit both the devastation along the East Coast as well as in the Caribbean. See this post for more information on the charities, and how to get your donation in.

The campaign for Hurricane Sandy relief will end on Thursday November 29th, at 5 pm EST. Still plenty of time to participate! Just think of the lives you are helping, and the custom fanworks you will receive! It’s win-win.

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