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Breakfast in the Evil Geeks Lair is never boring…lazy maybe, but never boring. Old Biff here was taking a walk down memory lane and it got me thinking about some of the lesser known cereals from my youth.

Back in the original NES heyday the system was so ultra-popular they were able to spawn 3 different cartoons, lunchboxes and yes, even a cereal. Good old Nintendo Cereal System! Either the person creating this was a serious dyslexic or it was a poor translation from Japanese. All it really was is one giant commercial for two Nintendo games and packaged as two different kinds of cereal in one box, separated by bags. Mario on the left side and Zelda on the right and each came with their own kind of game related cereal bits.

One of the biggest draws, I suppose was that it gave you gameplay “tips” (and I use that term very loosely) without having to subscribe to Nintendo Power or call the hotline. My brother and I begged my mom to buy this for us and she relented exactly one time. The tip in our box was for Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link. It said something along the lines of “when you receive the up-thrust (that’s really what it was called) press “Up” and “B” to execute. Really? The Nintendo controller had two buttons; it would have taken you 2 seconds to figure out. Check out the hand drawn Mario and Link on the cover too. If Nintendo owned the rights to the games and its likeness why would they pay someone else to draw it?

What about Spider-Man cereal?

I feel like this one may be a little more familiar to people but maybe not. I’m only writing about it because it’s so delicious. Picture Chex cereal without the dual sides AND marshmallows. Thinking about it now, it might even be my favorite cereal of all time. Writing about it makes me tempted to go scour Ebay right this second and see if I can acquire some and risk my life eating it.

Yup, it really was that good.

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