Breaking News! Disney Buys LucasFilm….plans to release Episode VII in 2015!

Hello Internet!

About 20 minutes ago the nerd-world was rocked by the news that The Walt Disney Company has purchased LucasFilm from George Lucas for approximately $4 Billion and a stock deal! (which was almost the same amount of money that they purchased Marvel for a few years back.) Along with the news of the acquisition, Disney plans to bring the world a new Star Wars movie….Episode VII in 2015!
Although George will be giving up the reigns on one of the best movie franchises of all time, he will still be a creative consultant on this new film…

The Force is Strong with this one!

This news bring up tons of possibilities for the future!
New Star Wars comics from Marvel!!!???
Pixar producing Star Wars movies and shows!!!???
The Jim Henson team working with Star Wars again!!???

Lets hear what you have to say Brotherhood! Send in your comments and Stay Geeky…

May The Force be with You!

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  1. I think this is going to end up being a good thing. Everyone freaked out when Disney bought Marvel a few years back and in terms of the movies it’s been great so far. Ummmm The Avengers? If there’s one thing that Disney knows, it’s how to keep a cash cow ripe with that sweet green milk known as dollars. They know full well what the fans think of the last pic, if they put out crap, they’re guaranteed to lose them forever. They’ll put their top people on the next movie.

    Also, why hasn’t there been any mention of other Lucasfilm properties? Mainly Indiana Jones. Could we also have an Indy sequel in the works too? A good one possibly?

  2. This makes me feel so dirty, and not in the good way.

  3. amazing! I think they will do a good job! Unless they put in a Jar Jar Kermit or something like that…

  4. So many conflicting emotions. This is a lot to take in…

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