So You’ve Decided to Further Ruin a Lucrative Film Franchise…

Greetings and a happy Sunday to all the Evil Geeks out there!  We’ve had a big week as far as disturbing X-Men movie news with the announcement that Matthew Vaughn would not be returning to direct the follow-up to X-Men: First Class.  If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also some troubling news coming out regarding the other X Gene related movie currently in the works, The Wolverine.

James Mangold, the director of The Wolverine (as well as other films such as Cop Land, Walk the Line, and 3:10 To Yuma) has recently stated in an interview that the movie will take place after the events of the God awful, crap-tacular X-Men: The Last StandMangold has said that the film will focus on Logan coming to terms with the fact that the X-Men are no more.  While this sounds like an interesting concept, I really think Fox and Marvel really missed an opportunity here to erase some past mistakes.

Don’t get me started on this turd-loaf of a movie. Hey Wolvie, your mascara’s running.

What past mistakes you ask? Well basically I’m talking about all of The Last Stand. If you yourself or someone you know happen to be a fan of the X-Men, then chances are when you saw this shit-fest you were blood-spittingly angry. Not only was it a 2 hour movie of Wolverine crying in different locations, the movie also COMPLETELY squandered one of the most powerful storylines in the history of comics: The Dark Phoenix saga. One of the most critically acclaimed and fanboy/fangirl revered stories of all time; a galaxy-spanning epic story about sacrifice for the greater good, is reduced by the supremely incapable hands of Brett Ratner to a poorly done movie about the Government hating mutants and Wolverine wanting to bang Jean Grey but can’t because at first she was married to Cyclops, but then she was evil. If done the right way, how unbelievably incredible would a Dark Phoenix movie be? The most powerful being that ever lived, with the power to destroy the entire universe, forced to fight for her life against the entirety of the Shi’ar Empire with nothing but a handful of mutants at her side? Sounds incredible already doesn’t it? What about that final battle between the X-Men and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard on the Blue Area of the Moon? Scott and Jean’s final stand? There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house! How mind-bendingly spectacular this all could have been!! Ratner screwed the fans over twice; he gave us a crappy X-Men movie and then he wasted a classic story which could have been filmed in a more suiting manner. Saying that comic fans didn’t respond positively to The Last Stand, would be an understatement since the nerd rage on Earth could probably be felt as far away as on a Shi’ar cruiser circling Alpha Centauri. As far as we geeks are concerned, there are only 2 X-Men movies. Just 2 that’s it, none have been made after X2 (See also the Indiana Jones TRILOGY, I’m not familiar with a 4th movie in that particular series. Never heard of it, so it can’t possibly exist).

Ahhhh what could have been…


Given the amount of geek derision heaped upon The Last Stand, Fox and Marvel should have recognized that the new Wolverine movie could have been a chance to pay a little service to the fans and given us something fresh and more authentic to the source material.  Instead it looks like they’re going to double down on the last helping of crap they fed us in hopes that by linking it to the new movie they’ll boost their back catalog Blu-Ray sales. I’m open-minded enough to still hope that The Wolverine could end up being a good movie, but let’s face it;  Fox’s Marvel movies haven’t had the best track record after X2.  I want to believe it’ll be good, but my Spidey sense is detecting an incoming bomb. Ok folks, that’s enough angry fanboy ranting for today!  I have other mediums to judge and deem inferior!

“Jean Grey could have lived to become a god. But it was more important to her that she die…a human.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Uatu the Watcher

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  1. Or an “instead” X-Men story…

  2. I’m trying to keep moderate faith about this movie since the mini series it’s based on is very good. I agree that shoe horning into x-men movie continuity doesn’t make any sense. It could really fit anywhere in the time line and work just as well as a “before” x-men story.

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