Clothes Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Nerdier

You can buy shirts with your favorite comic book heroes and villains, movie covers and album covers but what about novels? Books might truly qualify as the most geekiest, so why wouldn’t you want to advertise them? Out Of Print Clothing has got you covered. They have shirts, old school sweatshirts, ipad and ipod cases, coasters etc. All of which sport the covers of classic literature.

Check out pulp novel and perennial Biff Tannen favorite, The Maltese Falcon:

Want a shirt of the Great Gatsby before they potentially ruin it with the new movie? (I’m on the fence about it. It still has the possibility to be great). Yea, well they got that one too. This sweet ass shirt sports one of the best book covers of all time:

So if you’re looking to get fashionably nerdy, now is the time to check out Out Of Print Clothing.

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