Iron Man 3….You Gotta Check this Out!

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Super short post today…trolling around the net this morning I found that Marvel & Disney have thrown out a few photos of Iron Man 3 ahead of the much anticipated trailer tomorrow!

Is this the Iron Patriot!!??

Who needs Cap when you have an Iron Patriot…right?

Spolier Alert: For those not in the know, Iron Patriot was actually Norman Osborne with a stolen Iron Man suit that we painted in the flag, he figured that it’d be two Avengers out of one when he was building his Dark Avengers team a few years back.

I have no details about the movie, maybe this is a big plot point, or maybe its simply for fan service….either way, I’m geeking out over here!

Until next time….Stay Nerdy!

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  1. Cap will get his hand cutoff, then end up making out with his sister while in the hospital recovering. I’m calling it now, we’re getting Lucas’d.

  2. Maybe they are going for an “Empire Strikes Back” ending to Iron Man 3…(incorporating awesome yet bummer endings to Thor 2 and Captain America 2 ?) thus leading into a “Let’s do this!” (sans Ewoks and Asian stereotypes sitting next to Lando in the Falcon) “Return of the Jedi” take on Avengers 2? Hmmm….

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