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We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again, but here’s our NYCC Cosplay Top 5 brought to you from your friendly neighborhood Evil Geeks….hope you enjoy!

Biff Tannen

There were so many insanely amazing costumes at comic con that it’s really hard to determine the “best” but I can definitely give you my favorites. For me, it’s very important that you actually physically resemble the person your imitating. So if you have an incredibly elaborate costume but look nothing like the character, your not gonna make it onto Biff Tannen’s list.

5. Matt Murdock – I dont know why but I find this costume both awesome and hilarious. For those of you who don’t know, Murdock is Daredevil’s alter ego a blind lawyer. I saw two Murdock’s, one Friday and one Saturday. The one from Friday changed into Daredevil on Saturday. Both were excellent.

(Which also begs the question, why wasn’t Butter Bean dressed up as Kingpin?)

4. Black Mage – the look of this character was always so intriguing to me as a young kid playing Final Fantasy 1. It’s so iconic, the pointy (straw?) hat, the blue cloak and the air of mystery and sheer darkness under the hat (which of course they ruin later in the game when you change your class and they become adults) I never thought if see one in person and comic con made that happen.

3. Moon Knight – I’m not a huge fan of the character, but I always found his costume to be ridiculously cool and visually striking. Seeing a real life version of it was astounding.

2. Commissioner Gordon – This guy nailed it. The Gary Oldman resemblance from the Nolan Batman movies is so close that it is borderline disturbing. My hat is off to you sir.

1.Marty McFly in Plutonium Handling Suit (Aka Darth Vader From The Planet Vulcan) – Being the huge Back To The Future fan that I am this was the best things I saw all weekend. Especially since it’s so obscure and benefits hardcore fans of the movie. This guy has it perfect, right down to the gloves and walkman.


As always, there were a ton of amazing costumes this year at the con.  It’s good to know that we aren’t the only people out there waiting all year for the show.  A lot of these costumes looked like they took months and months to make so I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the cosplayers who toiled over their costumes for months, then took the time to take a pic with us.  In no particular order, here’s my 5 favorite costumes of the con:

5.) The Doctor – Great costumes aren’t always made solely on looks or individuality.  A little bit of showmanship can propel an OK costume into an entirely new universe of awesomeness.  Take for instance this guy dressed up as The 10th Doctor.

Doctor costumes are certainly no rarity in the hall of the Javitz Center; there are thousands of them at the Con every year.  It’s like anyone who can get their hands on a bowtie or long brown coat are automatically going to comic con as the Doctor.  If you want to set yourself apart from the pack, you’re going to have to go the extra mile, which this guy did.  He walked around in that TARDIS all day!  In fact when we asked him to take a picture, we thought his costume WAS the TARDIS.  Just as the pic was about to be snapped, out popped a Doctor!  Geronimo sir, Geronimo indeed.

4.) Carnage – There’s not much you can say about this costume that it isn’t already saying about itself.  Just a great costume, that clearly took a very long time to make.  Plus it’s one of my favorite Spider-Man villains.  Bonus points for difficulty in creating and wearing it!

3.) The Ghostbusters and Slimer – Sometimes a costume is so good, that it takes more than one person to pull it off.  These guys definitely fall into that category.  What child of the 80’s didn’t spend at least a little bit of time pretending they were a Ghostbuster?  These guys went all out, authentic looking uniforms and proton packs, Venkman covered in ectoplasm, and featuring Slimer as the cherry on top this incredibly cool cosplay.

2.) Captain America – Sometimes cosplayers are lucky enough to hit the resemblence nail right on the head.  This guy here looked EXACTLY like Chris Evans in the Cap movie.  Authentic uniform, perfect shield (I asked him where he got his as I myself was on a futile quest to get one for myself.  He had his specially made), he even looks like him down to the freaking haircut.  I’m a huge Cap fan, so this one easily made my list.  Great job man!

1.) Mr. Freeze – This guy absolutely knocked it out of the park.  He had a great costume that looks exactly like its original representation (Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series), , he had the Mr. Freeze voice down, and he was able to add a little showmanship to the presentation as well.  When we stumbled across him, he was with a few Lokis (Is that right?  Wouldn’t the plural of Loki just be Loki?  Who knows?) and they were acting out some sort of scene in which Freeze defeated all the various gods of mischief.  They hammed it up for the cameras and we loved every minute of it.  Thanks again not only ro rhese guys, but to everyone who got their best gear out for the NYCC.

Mr. Freeze totally just blew ass, now Loki’s frozen like that.

Big Evil

NYCC never disappoints when it comes to Cosplay and this year was one of the bests that I’ve seen yet! With so many great costumes it was tough to come down to 5 that rose above others but here goes…

5. Lucha Plumbers – Over the years I have seen a ton of Mario and Luigi’s, but these guys take the cake! They are obviously part of the WFW (World Flower Wrestling) Federation, and seem to be the current tag-team champs to boot! Bowser better watch out when these plumbers come to town!

Mario and Luigi….Coming to a Pay Per View near you!

4. Nightcrawler – Hands down, this is the best Nightcrawler costume that I’ve ever seen! Plus the guy dressed up totally did the act all day long, jumping around nimbly nimbly-like with sword in hard, a real swash-buckling rouge! Made me miss the old elf to be honest with you!

Hey Elf look behind you….Bastion could show up any minute now!

3. Chairface Chippendale – My last Top 5 had a Tick character in it and I’m so glad this one does too! This costume is simple, yet effective. The illusion worked so well that when this guy was walking around I didn’t even notice the black mask over his head! If there was only a Tick to compliment this awesome villain…well, maybe next year.

Word on the street was Chairface was assembling a super-villain after party after the con.

2. Ludo – This costume was simply amazing. It looked like the real frigging thing! All I have to say is “SMELL BAD!”


1. Cute Han and Luke – Not gonna lie, these girls were awesome! Not only were they super cute Star Wars nerds, but they had those awesome Yoda and Chewey backpacks too!

What can I say, I love Comic Con!

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